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Are Your Company's Employees Psychologically Safe?

What is the primary idea behind anything an organization does for its workforce? Whether a company gives an appraisal to its employees or hosts a grand picnic for them, the goal is to strengthen their motivation and dedication. A promising organization considers many factors for the betterment of its workers. However, there is something a lot of companies have missed, and that relates to the psychological wellbeing of the employees. The issue of mental health is being discussed everywhere nowadays, giving every company an opportunity to assess its workplace environment and ensure that every worker feels safe to express themselves fully.

As a decision-maker of a company, think about it. An employee spends most of his/her day at work. If someone does not feel comfortable in a place where they have to be for a long time, the outcomes are unfavorable. Would that turn out well for the future of your company? A worker that feels psychologically safe at the office tends to speak their mind freely without any hesitation. A team member should not feel threatened at work while being able to voice their opinions and ideas effectively. Research conducted by a prestigious body concluded that the high-performing teams are the ones that made mistakes and learned from them instead of those who like to play safely without experimenting to discover new avenues.

There are employees who keep their opinions to themselves as they are not confident enough to speak up. On the other hand, some workers prefer to say whatever they feel is right. These are the people who bring something new to the table and like sharing insight. Now ask yourself, as a B2B company's CEO, would you prefer to have the former or the latter as your subordinate? We live in a world where creativity is being promoted more than ever. Innovation is valued, and people who are willing to take risks to contribute to the ultimate success of their company are respected. Creating a workplace environment where each employee's views are heard is essential. It acts as a motivating factor and gives the team members a sense of belongingness. A workforce with the right mindset is more productive as you can no longer expect employees to operate like robots.

The aim is to encourage the workers to take part in the company's decision-making processes actively. It is necessary to let them speak at meetings, object to policies, present new strategies without wavering, and listen to their struggles while providing assistance as required.

How Do You Create A Psychologically Safe Team?

Now that we have established the significance of enabling your company's employees to voice their viewpoints regarding different matters confidently, let's talk about how to accomplish this objective. Here's what you can do as a CEO, manager, or administrator;

· In case an employee makes a mistake, don't blame them. Instead, try to find possible solutions to overcome that particular problem. Think of ways to avoid incurring the same issue in the future. This will help in building and heightening trust within the team members.

· You need to make your acknowledgment of the employees' point of view visible. Nodding your head while listening to them, engaging by asking follow-up questions, and having positive facial expressions can prove helpful in doing this.

· While listening to the worker's thoughts, try to pay attention. If an employee gets a hint that you are distracted and not listening, it can upset and demotivate him/her. Make eye contact and avoid checking emails or messages during the meetings with the workforce. Having interactive sessions with the employees can enable them to loosen up and communicate more openly.

· Being a leader of an organization, you cannot let negativity sustain within the workplace. If you notice a worker talking ill of others, call him/her out and strictly ask them to change their attitude. Addressing pessimist behavior earlier instead of tolerating it can significantly contribute to making a workplace psychologically safe for everyone.

· Include the employees in the decision-making procedures by asking for their input. Once arriving at a verdict, tell the workers how their contribution proved useful. Seeing tangible results will make your subordinates feel good about their work. They will start taking more interest while trying to excel in every task. Wouldn't that be great for the future of your company? Be transparent and encourage everyone to participate as much as they can.

Building Trust Through Psychological Safety - GP Strategies Corporation

Does it seem so hard? As a manager, you have to celebrate each member's triumph, tell upper management of the team's accomplishment, and ethically represent your subordinates in front of the entire organization. Welcome employees' feedback and build self-awareness throughout the group you are in charge of. In case a worker fails to deliver commendable work, take the high road and give constructive criticism. Tell everyone what can be learned from mistakes and how to become better gradually.

Does Establishing A Psychologically Safe Workplace Environment Pay Off?

As discussed at the beginning, the principal following the application of methodologies that lead to the creation of a psychologically safe workforce is to inspire everyone to bring their best selves to the office. Needless to say, motivation and commitment have a directly proportional relationship with a company's profitability and goodwill. This is one of the many objectives an organization wishes to accomplish. It is safe to say that being successful at the task of building an energized and a compelled team of professionals is a milestone in itself. Once a company completes this goal, it can move on to the next ones and succeed without any difficulty.

Research Reveals How Companies Can Earn Customer Trust | LaptrinhX

The long-term benefits of having a team that does not feel threatened but appraised by the leadership are countless indeed. People with full-time jobs derive a limited degree of satisfaction from the monetary compensation they receive. They have other needs, such as security and self-actualization, and fulfilling them is how you can retain a competent employee. An office should have a workplace environment that attracts employees instead of making them consider other options. Do everything the right way, and notice a boost in the favorable results that ultimately prove advantageous for your organization.

Does Your Corporation Need An Onsite Therapist?

Nowadays, an enterprise that wishes to attract talented and skillful employees and remain competitive within their respective industries feels the need to have an onsite therapist. It is an undeniable fact that getting therapy is an effective way to cure various mental health issues. Having a psychologist on the office premises means employees would happily be willing to get help and overcome personal problems. They would not have to spend additional time traveling to a counselor or pay extra money.

Hiring an onsite therapist is undoubtedly a convenient solution with increasing returns for a firm. In addition to this, don't expect people to simply avail therapy because there is an expert around to hear. A lot of individuals are ashamed to admit to being vulnerable to mental illnesses. Promote a culture where getting therapy is not looked down upon but instead praised. It is only possible for a person to function in a remarkable manner when his/her personal life is in order. Hence, add this strategy to your plans and reap promising benefits.

Apr 20,2021

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