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10 Plastic Sheets Manufacturers List

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials on earth. It is versatile, durable, and costs less than other materials like metal, aluminum, etc. It is used in diverse industries like automotive, construction, packaging industries, and many more. Plastic sheets are used in various applications and are of many types. Some plastic sheets are water-resistant and durable, like polyethylene and acrylic, while others are temperature and chemical-resistant, like polycarbonate and polyvinyl chloride. These sheets are cost-effective alternatives to glass and metals in various industry applications. For example, in construction industries, we use plastic sheets for roofing, glazing, etc; on the other hand, the packing industry uses these plastic sheets for product packaging.

Market Size Of Plastic Sheets

When stepping into any business, one should consider the market size of the specific industry as it gives you an idea of how portable the business can be in the future. Looking at the market size of plastic sheets and films, one can understand that the industry is most in demand nowadays. In 2023, its market size was valued at around 134 billion dollars and was expected to reach 141 billion in 2024. and by 2032, it is likely to grow by 5.2% CAGR that would be around 2.14 billion dollars.

List of Top Ten Plastic Sheets Manufacturers In 2024

Dive into the world of top plastic sheet manufacturers and suppliers for a reliable business trading experience. is the leading B2B trading platform for buying and selling products globally. Established in 1999, this platform has become the preferred choice of people worldwide because of the most extensive product directory covering various industries. This giant trading platform has verified suppliers and manufacturers from whom you can learn about the plastic sheet prices and get quality assurance before making the final decision. AlibabaAlibaba .com follows the aim of making it easy to do business anywhere. The platform has spread its wings across 190+ countries and regions with 2000M+ products to offer to buyers across 5900+ categories and with 200K+ active suppliers to serve global businesses. The platform is safe to use, with access to secure payment methods and fast and safe delivery options. is a renowned online e-commerce marketplace where you can access the list of global suppliers and manufacturers of plastic sheets. The user-friendly website interface lets you locate your desired products quickly and from your targeted region. The best thing is that here, you can directly communicate with the exporters, learn about their products, and negotiate the prices of polythene sheets before connecting with suppliers who can meet your product demands. It is the hub of wholesale activities that aims to make trading easy, fast, and affordable for everyone. It supports all business sizes and encourages businesses to explore and expand their business connections and benefit from the opportunities to buy bulk products at low costs. Manufacturers here do not compromise on the high quality of their products and ensure you will get what they promise you.


China is the leading country in export and import product manufacturing. Today, the country’s economy is strengthening as it provides high-quality products at lower costs than any other country. Made-in-China is the fastest-growing trading platform that bridges the gap between buyers and sellers of Chinese origin by introducing this platform to make business trading possible. The platform provides up-to-date information on manufacturers and acrylic sheet price fluctuation or current rates on the single platform. The website is super easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can explore the entire product directory of plastic sheets, its suppliers, and the types available in the market. The best thing is that along with high quality, many manufacturers here provide customization options, too. You can customize the size and color of these plastic sheets to meet the needs of your specific industry customers at affordable prices.


Plastech is an informative online business platform where you can explore a wide range of industries that deal with the selling of plastic sheet rolls at low prices. With the user-friendly website interface, you can connect with these industries, communicate with them, convey your product demands, and step further with the one you think is capable of satisfying your business needs. Since 2002, this platform has gained the trust of hundreds of businesses by providing them with authentic information on industries, which helps them connect with them effectively and efficiently without spending lots of time searching. Buyers and suppliers can look for B2B offers through the website, visit the trade directory of plastic sheets, and get the latest information on global trade shows.

Global Sources

Global Sources is a multi-channeled B2B trading platform that facilitates international trade. The platform has a rich portfolio of channels through which you can source your desired products and connect with plastic sheet suppliers. These channels include trade shows, magazines, live sourcing talks, etc. The platform is easy to use and is equipped with all the advanced tools that make trading in today’s world easier. You can communicate with the suppliers here and fill out the RFQ form if you have any product specifications. It enables manufacturers to connect with you quickly if your demands lie under their business limitations. It is a customer-centric platform that ensures all your requirements meet your expectations.Whether you are looking for local suppliers or international manufacturers, you will find both at this one-stop shop.

Are you looking for bulk POM sheet manufacturers who can provide high-quality products at reasonable prices? is an online e-commerce platform where you can explore a wide range of product categories and their suppliers worldwide. The platform helps businesses by serving them with up-to-date information on all the Chinese suppliers and their products. It continues to develop services that provide more and more opportunities for companies to grow and expand globally. Like other trading websites, this platform offers a user-friendly interface with a search bar and RFQ forms that help buyers find their desired products quickly and connect them with genuine exporters. If you are a new customer, register on the platform by signing up here, and then you are good to go to explore your products, connect with suppliers, and offer your prices. If suppliers agree upon your price quotation and demand, seal the deal.


Do you want to source PTFE hdpe pp sheets at wholesale prices from manufacturers in China, the USA, the UK, and other regions? go4WorldBusiness is the perfect option for you. On this platform, you can find hundreds of plastic sheet exporters from all over the world. Over the last two decades, this marketplace has served various customers across various industries by providing them a pathway to connect with international suppliers and have profitable business dealings. Many distributors offer products at wholesale prices here so that all business sizes can benefit from bulk purchases. High-quality products are the manufacturers' top priority, ensuring you get the best for your business. The OEMs are always here to provide the safety and durability of the plastic sheets before sending them to you.

ThomasNet is an online directory best for businesses looking to buy customized products for their business. The platform has experienced professionals in the HDPE pp pu pom PTFE sheets business who supply and provide these bulk products at wholesale prices. This marketplace offers three ways through which you can get instant price quotations from the manufacturers: one is to search for your desired product using the high filter search bar, and the other way is to upload a CAD model on the platform. By doing so within seconds, you will get quotations from reliable manufacturers. Lastly, registered buyers can get price quotations from suppliers quickly. They can also fill out the RFQ form to grab the attention of available exporters for their desired product business sourcing.


IndiaMart is the most used and preferred online trading platform in India and many other countries where businesses and suppliers want to expand their business connections with India-based manufacturers and buyers. On this platform, you can have profitable business connections with many industries. You can buy plastic sheets at affordable prices from suppliers that are high in quality and save per unit cost on products when purchasing in bulk. Genuine exporters are always here to cater to diverse business needs effectively and efficiently. If you want a cost-effective method to stock up your product inventory, do not miss this marketplace, as you may encounter reputable plastic sheet exporters.


Kompass is an online directory where you can get information related to global industries and manufacturers of plastic sheets. The platform has a database of suppliers from over 70 countries. Suppose you are a new startup or small business that wants to connect with reputable manufacturers to restock your business inventory and grab the target audience's attention. In that case, this platform provides the whole digital marketing solution that helps you reach your targeted audience and ultimately leads toward business growth. On this platform, you can register your business, search for your desired product, and fill out the buyer quotation form to attract authentic and verified suppliers. Furthermore, suppliers here provide safe transactions and fast delivery options so you can have your desired products at your doorstep before they go out of stock.

Final Thoughts

Plastic is the most used material in the world. Plastic sheets are used in various industries like packaging, construction, automotive, etc. The rapidly growing sector is predicted to expand and generate lots of profit in the coming years. Whether you are a business startup or an already established business looking to source a high-quality variety of plastic sheets, including PTFE, HDPE, pp, POM, etc., this blog will guide you through selecting a reliable trading platform where you can source your desired products based on your specific needs.

Jun 26,2024

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