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How to Find International Buyers for Export in 2023

Learn how to find international buyers in 5 minutes or less.

How can I find a foreign buyers list in 2023? As an exporter, this question must have haunted you. Whether you are just intending to start a new export business or are already a part of the export industry, the question “how to find buyers for export business” keeps lingering.

Finding new buyers for export business is the essence of success, and since we are present in a digital era, targeting foreign buyers along with the local ones is just as important, if not more. But to reach international buyers is the biggest challenge of all. Language, geographical location, various cultures, buying preferences, lack of market knowledge, and many other factors can significantly contribute to making it even difficult.

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Thanks to the digitization of the e-commerce industry, the internet has made things very easy. Whether you are wondering how to find buyers online for export or you want to find buyers in the USA, now you can access the global buyers list easily.

In this article, I will discuss all the useful methods to find and connect with foreign buyers.

Top Strategies to Find Foreign Buyers List:

B2B Trade Websites:

Just as there are some reliable wholesale buyers in your country, there are numerous others all around the world as well. Connecting with these private firms is much quicker, easier, and mutually beneficial. Numerous online B2B platforms are known to facilitate traders from all over the world.

These online channels are the key facilitators of B2B trade and are known to help businesses establish their brands internationally. Not just SMEs but well-known brands have also admitted to finding international buyers via business-to-business portals. Here I have curated the list of the top B2B platforms to help you find a new international buyers list for your products.

    • A USA-based online trade store with an innovative approach to B2B marketing. The company caters to a massive list of wholesale buyers and sellers from around the world and facilitates traders with cross-border trade activities. It is one of the top b2b websites in the UK.

    • Made-in-China: Ideal website for Chinese suppliers and manufacturers since it is specifically designed to accommodate Chinese businesses and China-made products.

    • Global Sources: It is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce firm that is also registered with GSOL. As one of the oldest online trade facilitators, this company assists traders in reaching international buyers.

    • DHgate: DHgate also facilitates manufactured products from small and medium-sized business owners. It provides a safe international payment and logistics service.

    • iOffer: It is a San Francisco-based online trading company that was launched in 2002. This platform is apt for providing quality-based services.

    • ECplaza: It has had slow but consistent growth over the years and has today built a worldwide network and high brand recognition for itself. ECplaza is a safe online wholesale mall for international trade.

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Foreign Agencies:

Countries globally have state-sponsored trading companies or organizations that are tasked to import various products in need, usually, these state-controlled trade companies order products in bulk quantities. If you would like to trade with governments, this could be a chance for you. Do your math, and identify what countries would be the best export partners for your business. You can get in contact with them by reaching out to their embassies or contacting the agency directly. You need to remember that different trade agencies are designated to import different products, like raw materials, agricultural products, etc. With proper homework, you can easily contact the agencies that are related to your exports.

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Freelance Agents:

Similar to the agents of national trade agencies, there are various commercial freelance agents as well who can help with your "how to find international buyers for export" question. The major difference between the two is that these freelance agents act as a middle man between the exporters and importers.

Freelance Agents or commercial agents can assist you in the search for reliable buyers or suppliers based on your needs. You can easily choose the person you wish to work for a variety of products, including as difficult products as bee venom. These agents are not only responsible for finding you the foreign buyers list for your products but are also accountable for making sure whether these buyers are serious in terms of business or not.

Since the language barrier is one of the most basic challenges in international trade, local freelance agents can communicate with the buyers on your behalf. Dealing with freelance agents is far easier and more comfortable than dealing with foreign agencies; they are very motivated to find buyers for your products and close the deal since they are paid on commission.

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Social Media:

Still wondering how to find international buyers? Being a part of modern society, you can never neglect the importance or significance of social media. Not only are they the best way to entertain or stay connected, but they are also a great source for marketing and help you find international buyers for your products. Have you ever come across a business ad on Facebook? They do not just randomly appear! But are placed there for buyers for export business. You can find and join export-related groups on various social channels like LinkedIn or Facebook, etc. these groups provide a high chance of finding reliable global buyers. If you want your product to be prominent and attract international buyers via these groups, posting regularly is a must. Social media is one of the cheapest ways to connect with people in your target market.

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You can also hire a salesperson to find a new and reliable foreign buyers list on your behalf. You don’t have to work on everything on your own. Salespersons, just like the commission agents, work in the place of the company and connect exporters with wholesale purchasers. These individuals work on commission, and you can task this representative to find individuals and firms for your exports. Indeed the cost of operation will rise with having to pay your sales representative. Still, it will help your free yourself from all the problems of finding buyers, giving you more time to concentrate on manufacturing your product or searching for other markets yourself.

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I hope this guide on how to find buyers online for the export business will help you find the wholesale customer or customers that you are looking for.

May 21,2021

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