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How to start Affiliate Marketing With No Money Step By Step

Companies nowadays are utilizing multiple strategies to increase their visibility due to the rise of competition and increased awareness among people. Marketing specialists have found a way to help and provide benefits to more than one party at a time that will also yield great results. Affiliate marketing is one of those strategies that creates a win-win opportunity for all the parties involved. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to stay committed to one enterprise full-time to promote its products. It can be a full-time, part-time, or freelance employment chance that provides long-term benefits. In this blog, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and have an opportunity to collaborate with leading B2B platforms as a practical example.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Few people are still new to this term in this digital era of instant information. As we are diving into the topic of affiliate marketing, first we elaborate the actual meaning of affiliate marketing and how it is done without no money but requires effort, creativity and a knowledgeable guide.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing and promotional strategy businesses and enterprises use to increase their traffic by hiring marketers or third-party publishers who can be individuals, social media influencers, or companies that will find business leads and go out and about promoting the company to the target audience. As a result, the company gets more sales and traffic, whereas the marketer gets commission according to the decided criteria.

Components of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing consists of some components that are essential to learn beforehand. It is a basic understanding of how to get things done smoothly. The process does not require physical meetings; anyone can do it to gain extra money. It is an excellent side hustle that can gradually increase your income. Here are some of the basics of affiliate marketing:


A merchant is an entity that owns the product/business and hires marketers to promote their product and pay them commissions as per services.

Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate marketers or publishers perform marketing on commission as per sales. Anyone can become a publisher and connect with merchants. Affiliate marketers can utilize different channels, such as blog posting, social media, influencer marketing, and many other techniques, to reach out to the audience.


Customers are those who subscribe to the program. As a result, they become users, subscribers, or buyers.

Commission Criteria:

Both parties decide the commission methods accordingly. Depending upon the company's goals, some publishers or affiliate marketers ask for a commission on every sale they generate, while others charge for clicks and subscription rates. These methods may vary from company to company and could be selected at an earlier stage.

How Can You Do Affiliate Marketing With E-commerce Websites:

Several e-commerce websites have marketing programs and have decided to take their platform. Platforms of various publishers across the globe have already established themselves in the industry and have planned their own programs and commission rates, and you can earn with them no matter where you are.

First up is It is a globally renowned b2b marketplace where buyers meet with wholesale sellers and engage in commercial transactions. The platform is US-originated and has been widely used throughout the business world due to high accessibility, uncomplicated user interface, easy registration procedure, 24/7 live support team, and many other benefits, making it one of the biggest platforms among many. Recently, has stepped up the game and introduced an affiliate marketing program allowing you to earn up to 50% commissions. You can earn your commission on as many sales as you make. You will be provided flexibility and an excellent commission rate under one platform. Key responsibilities include creating a strategy to generate leads, build and improve client relationships, and make a relative marketing strategy for the right kind of consumers.


Semrush is a digital marketing platform that allows businesses to improve their visibility through digital marketing programs such as SEO, content marketing etc. Many small, medium, and large companies have been affiliated with Semrush to generate marketing campaigns and strategies. The platform provides analytic details of the registered company that will help them with consumer details and help the marketers maintain the traffic and identify their worth. Semrush also offers affiliate marketing programs and a chance to get associated with the leading website. If you want to increase your business and do affiliate marketing with Semrush, you can get a 200$ commission on every sale. You can promote the website and get your business to grow with leading sites in the world through Semrush.


Shopify is a one-stop shop for the business world. The website provides solutions for businesses to grow from the beginning to the end. Here, business owners register their companies and get the idea and market scope, creating virtual shops to enhance their online presence. Shopify provides several services, such as the basic theme of your business, market stats, customer analysis, competition analysis, and all the relevant information that seems little but is extremely useful and crucial for any business to prosper. A business can create its online store with the help of this website and connect with similar companies without any physical effort. It is a secure website that keeps your data confidential and helps you maintain your reputation in commerce. Shopify is not calling out all the influencers, educational figures, and entrepreneurs from all fields to join them for affiliate marketing programs and offer free registration. You can reach out to a maximum number of referrals and earn unlimited.


Fiverr is a platform where companies can connect with freelancers ready to provide their services remotely. The platform is recognized worldwide and has helped many freelancers generate money. Here, freelancers can place their services, such as video editing, blog writing, image editing, and digital marketing offers, and their prices and work to gain positive reviews to attract more people. The Fiverr affiliate marketing program can help you earn 20% to 100% on the first order and 10% on all future orders for up to 12 months. You will be provided with marketing tools which will be the guiding light to generate more sales. Alongside, personal support all through the process to avoid any conflict and confusion.


Walmart is a grocery store chain in the US that has grocery stores in all the states of America. It is a superstore that provides retail and wholesale products and has innovated ways to connect with customers and become digital. Walmart's 210 distribution centers are hubs of activity for the business. Their distribution operation is one of the largest in the world, servicing stores and clubs and providing direct delivery to customers. Walmart's transportation has a fleet of 9,000 tractors, 80,000 trailers, and more than 11,000 drivers. There are several other products, such as the Walmart app, Walmart pay, Walmart +, and many others, to stay with the consumers more. You can subscribe to the Walmart affiliate program and benefit from their goodwill with a very high margin.

Future Scope and Trends:

The future scope of affiliate marketing is broad and clear. Artificial Intelligence is ready to take over digitization in every aspect. Statistics state that the industry is growing and is prepared to cross millions of dollars in recent years. It is a fruitful technique that provides proven results and enhances businesses.

Customers and users trust reviews and ratings more than anything. People tend to gain a perspective on recommendations, and affiliate marketers can use their techniques to spread brand awareness. They can create engaging content about the product or promote it through various channels.

As far as the future is concerned, it has become easy to find out public preferences through social media, to stay closer to their choices, and to promote the company among them. Affiliate marketing can be done with video content and informational content utilizing AI.


Affiliate marketing can yield many sales, positively affecting the business if done correctly. The market is blooming as e-commerce websites face a lot of traffic every day, and people prefer these platforms over traditional sourcing methods due to their easy access. It is necessary to use ethical methods and sustainable practices that will impact the user's mind long-term. Choosing the correct niche and medium can help you go in the right direction of affiliate marketing and provide excellent results.

May 20,2024

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