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Is Your Business Following the Right Marketing Strategies?

The need for a company to implement adequate marketing and promotional strategies cannot be emphasized enough if it intends to succeed in its endeavors efficiently. Instead of looking at customer acquisition as an outcome, consider it a process that requires careful planning to control cost inflations and earn a sufficient amount of profits.

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Without cost-cutting and profit maximization, a business may not be able to enjoy sustainable growth. Customer acquisition refers to the measures taken by a business to make a prospective buyer a part of its clientele. Below are the steps that prospects go through before making the final purchase of products;

1. They become aware of the business offering the items of their interest.

2. They consider your business as an option for purchasing products that will satisfy their unique demands.

3. They intend to submit an order while evaluating the possibilities and outcomes of going forward with the decision.

4. They finally make the purchase after taking all the information into account.

Do not be mistaken by the simplified stages mentioned above since a lot goes on from the time a prospect discovers your company to the moment they place an order.

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The marketing strategies a business follows determine whether it will survive and compete with the rest or not. While there are a lot of strategies entrepreneurs and corporate executives can implement, not all of them are going to turn out as fruitful. It is essential to understand the most suitable ones for your type of business on the basis of your unique goals and objectives. The kind of buyers you wish to attract also plays a crucial role in deciding the resources that would be employed to execute your plans.

Let’s talk about the most useful marketing or customer acquisition strategies a business can utilize;

Bring In Influencers To Promote Your Products & Brand

This is indeed one of the fastest ways of getting your products noticed by the target audience. You can hire a social media influencer with a sufficient following of your prospective buyers to promote the brand and products as per the company’s budget.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Campaigns You Should Know - Social Media &  Influencer Marketing Tips | Unbox Social BlogMarketers often face two challenges while practicing this strategy. First, they have to find out the influencers whose followers belong to their company’s target audience. Secondly, they need to determine if that influencer is capable of producing content to attract potential buyers. Influencer marketing is one of the most commonly used strategies in a lot of industries as it has proven its worth in improving a business’s image, revenue, and profits.

Does influencer marketing create awareness of your products only among the target market? This is untrue as employing such strategies exposes your products to a wider audience. The list of followers of the influencer you hire must include individuals who do not belong to your target audience yet. However, your brand is most likely pop up in their minds in the future if they decide to purchase the products your business offers.

Practice Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It remains no secret that the first thing buyers do during research is looking for the products online via Google, the most popularly utilized search engine across the globe. SEO refers to putting out website content that shows up in Google’s top searches. The world we live in today functions digitally.

Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

Giving your brand a significant online presence by introducing a business website helps you stay competitive. However, only having a website is not necessary as you need it to rank above your competitors to successfully attract the traffic of potential buyers. Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable strategies implemented in digital marketing nowadays.

A simple way of doing this is by uploading optimized website content consisting of the most searched keywords on Google. This proves increasingly helpful in bringing in organic traffic of the target audience to a great extent. There is no doubt that you are likely to face a lot of competition as there are millions of websites of businesses operating within your industry. However, the short and long-term returns of SEO are pretty incredible even it takes a bit of time.

Search Engine Optimization Service in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi, Delhi,  Soft Dreamz Technologies | ID: 6465195762You can hire expert content writers with creative writing skills. They can produce website content using queries mostly searched by prospects. Research suggests that more than 80% of buyers use the internet to look for products and businesses that can satisfy their unique requirements. Imagine appearing in their searches and generating leads that will eventually be turned into actual sales by practicing SEO. Doesn’t that sound like a fruitful endeavor?

What’s important to note here is that the Google algorithm undergoes changes after a certain period. It is vital to keep learning about those alterations while making adjustments to your website content to keep up with others. Success in SEO comes after consistent efforts but proves worthwhile for every business.

Email Marketing

One of the most fruitful ways of generating leads for potential customers is by creating a list of email addresses. Here’s the thing, not everyone who visits your website is willing to place an order. Lead generation works in chunks as it takes a bit of time to attract traffic after which those individuals are assessed and targeted to turn them into actual customers.

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There is doubt that lead generation through email marketing continues to prove increasingly profitable for businesses worldwide. It brings a significant amount of revenue as well as a traffic of those customers who stick with your business in the long run if the products satisfy their demands.

How does a business build an email list? There are multiple ways of acquiring email addresses from those visiting your website. A simple method is to provide a pop-up form to subscribe to whenever someone opens the website. You can also indulge in a strategy called email capturing where the company offers the visitors a discount of any other benefit for giving their email addresses only. However, make sure to avoid complicating such activities as you may end up annoying the visitors to a point where they leave.

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There are also firms that keep updated records of the email addresses of everyone. You can purchase directories from such companies and practice email marketing effectively. After acquiring emails, you can send automated as well as personalized emails to your target audience to establish communication.

Experts suggest consistently analyze the outcomes of email marketing. If a person has not been seeing your emails for a long time, removing them is a better option for reducing costs and saving time. It is a great way of indulging in effective discussion to maintain good customer relations and earn your clientele’s loyalty. One can also use the acquired data to find new prospects by using various tools that are programmed to search for a company’s target audience based on its current clientele.

Build A Notable Online Presence

We use various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., on a daily basis. Imagine how many users belong to your target audience. Building your company’s social media profiles and getting thousands of followers proves extremely resourceful.

You can do this by consistently uploading engaging content to attract followers that will eventually start to buy your products. There are many renowned brands that have a community of millions of followers, eliminating their need to hire influencers since they are one themselves.

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This is indeed an excellent source of organic traffic. Your followers can share your content and tag the brand, bringing in a whole new set of potential customers. This is a useful marketing strategy, especially for businesses with limited budgets. You can also track the outcome of indulging in social media marketing for evaluation purposes.

All you require to implement this strategy in an effective manner is to work with creative individuals as well as social media experts who can figure out the trends while handling all the technicalities.

Here’s A One-Stop Solution For You

If you wish to avoid taking the risk and spending time to implement these strategies on your own, there’s another thing that can be done. Have you ever heard of foreign trade B2B platforms? B2B eCommerce is on the rise as it has been successfully connecting businesses around the world, allowing them to establish trade relations without consuming many resources.

Anyone who wishes to globalize their business activities can do so by merely joining a B2B portal. It is a digitalized hub where buyers and sellers belonging to different industries meet to communicate and indulge in profitable transactions without any restrictions. Foreign trade B2B platforms operate through online websites as well as mobile applications you can download on a smartphone with any kind of software.

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All dealings between B2B portal’s representatives, sellers, and buyers are over the World Wide Web. Not only is it a cost-effective way of buying and selling products in bulk quantities, but it also proves sufficiently time-saving. These international trade platforms have multiple packages for manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers worldwide. You can select the package that suits your budget and fulfills all the requirements.

Once you sign up as a seller on any of the leading B2B platforms, experts start to strategize to improve your business operations. There are professional and trained marketers associated with these international trade platforms who commit themselves to generate leads for your business by using the same strategies discussed above.

B2B associates practice web marketing that includes promoting your business on social media as well as conducting SEO on the company website. There are also experienced developers who can create a website for your business if there isn’t one already. All marketing strategies are designed according to specific buyer personas, contributing to attracting a sufficient number of prospective customers only.

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In addition to this, these portals also offer access to verified buyer directories consisting of information regarding your target audience. Hence, email marketing can also be done seamlessly by simply enlisting your business on a B2B platform.

In case you are wondering, here’s a list of foreign trade B2B platforms you can choose from;


· Alibaba


· GlobalSources

· Dhgate

· Made-In-China

· iOffer

Select any one of the platforms mentioned above and you would not have to go through all the trouble of employing the marketing strategies yourself. It saves you from the hassle of hiring more individuals to make a new team while leading to significant cost reductions.

Furthermore, foreign trade B2B platforms guarantee favorable outcomes by taking calculated risks that reduce uncertainties to a great extent. Hence, all your hard-earned investments pay off if you choose to go forward with this option.

There’s no harm if you wish to do the marketing by yourself. The final decision depends on your firm’s budget. You may need to start from scratch and hire new people who are aware of using technologically advanced methods. If there are enough financial reserves to employ such beneficial marketing strategies then go ahead. However, if you wish to enjoy commendable results while sticking to your budget, go with the option of working with foreign trade B2B platforms.

Sep 22,2021

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