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List of Top 10 UK B2B Marketplaces

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for reliable and effective ways to expand your B2B network in the United Kingdom? Well, you're in luck! The UK has a thriving wholesale industry, but the question still remains: Which is the top b2b marketplace platform in the UK?

In fact, according to a recent report by Statista, the B2B e-commerce market in the UK is projected to reach over £1 trillion by 2023. That's right, trillion with a "T"! This explosive growth results from increasing dependency on UK b2b marketplace to facilitate wholesale trade and partnerships.

So, whether you're a small start-up or a well-established company, there's never been a better time to explore the top B2B marketplaces in the UK. Your business needs just one b2b platform UK to boost sales and become number one.

Major Industry Trend - B2B Marketplace UK

The B2B platform in the UK is essential for businesses looking to expand and establish a presence in this market. Since digital technologies are rising, UK B2B marketplace has become a powerful tool for connecting businesses with potential partners, suppliers, and customers. These websites allow businesses to showcase their products or services to a wider audience, find new business opportunities, and streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

In addition, B2B websites often offer valuable resources such as market research, industry insights, and networking opportunities that can help businesses stay competitive and informed. These marketplaces are the holy grail and crucial to any company's growth. If you wish to succeed in the UK, these websites should be a part of your strategy. They offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with the right people and drive business to success.

Top B2B Marketplaces Of The UK

Here is the 10 Best B2B Marketplaces list in the UK:


Listing Fees

Commission Fees

Product Range

Global Reach

Amazon Business

Free Account, pay per sale

Charges heavy comission

Wide range



Subscription plans

Varies by plan

Wide range



Free & Paid Listings, fees per sale

10% commission per sale

Wide range



Paid Listings


Focus on B2B products



Listing fees

Listing fees + transaction fees

Handmade & Vintage Goods


Global Sources

Subscription plans


Focus on Asian suppliers



Free platform


Ready-to-ship products



Subscription plans

Subscription fees

European brands



Free & Paid Memberships


Verified suppliers

UK Focus

Approved Businesses

Free basic info, Paid for full access


Pre-approved businesses

UK Focus

1. Amazon.Com:

Based in the United States, Amazon has established itself in the top 10 b2b websites list, especially for English traders. 23% of b2b buyers in the UK directly go to Amazon when they need to source in bulk. This means Amazon is a great place for you to start. It caters to a huge range of products. One can find everything from kitchen accessories to fashion apparel and machinery.

Amazon has a wide series of additional services to help b2b suppliers UK. From assisting them in warehousing to providing fulfillment and same-day delivery services. Unlike all these services, it charges a minimal fee on every sale from the supplier, which is free for buyers! You will have to create a seller account on Amazon, and then you get to reach all European markets.

2. Tradewheel.Com: is one of the top b2b marketplace UK to consider. It is a leading platform that connects buyers and suppliers from all over the world. Its user-friendly interface and commitment to quality customer support have earned the position among the 10 best b2b websites. The platform features thousands of products in every category, including textiles and fashion to electronics, and machinery. With over 1 million registered users, it offers a massive and diverse network of potential partners, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes. It is available in 190-plus countries.

You can find Tradewheel in all top b2b websites list because of its unique International Sales Manager services. This adds an extra layer of trust and ensures the customers receive the best results. Additionally, the website offers a range of other helpful features, such as real-time chat and personalized support from a dedicated customer service team.

3. eBay.Com:

eBay is a well-known b2b websites UK that introduced a unique auction system in the online e-commerce world. The company supports B2B and B2C sales which helped it become a multibillion-dollar business. It has also introduced the traditional “buy it now” feature to attract more customers. Today eBay is operating in more than 32 countries with plans to expand further. It is one of the most used websites in the United Kingdom.

To use eBay, suppliers and buyers must create a free account. Buyers can browse and purchase in bulk for free, whereas suppliers must pay to list items once the limit to free listing exceeds. Suppliers must also pay for each sale (10% of the total selling price) they make through this platform. eBay is a trusted platform with policies intact to protect buyers and sellers.

4. Tradepages.Com:

Tradepages is a great platform for b2b businesses in UK. It is added to the top b2b marketplaces list because it provides authentic information to businesses, helping them make sound decisions. It is like Google for suppliers, where they can find buyers for every product or service in the United Kingdom. The company has data for more than 200,000 English suppliers and many more internationally.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Tradepages is its commitment to innovation and including new companies in its daily database. They don’t just list the companies, but Tradepages provides detailed information about the products and services the listed companies offer. What makes it unique is the attention to users and their business needs. As a result, it enjoys UK-wide acknowledgment.

5. Etsy:

One of its kind, Etsy is a UK b2b marketplace to sell and buy unique goods. From handmade greeting cards to creative wreaths and more, here you can find extraordinary items worldwide. It is a place where creativity lives, and buyers interested in handmade products can buy and sell goods. It is called the holy grail for crafty small business owners.

B2B suppliers UKcan use a series of tools to attract customers through Etsy. The items listed on the platform fall in a vast range of products. You can find antique mugs and lamps to modern artifacts and keychains. Etsy also charges its suppliers for sales. It usually costs £0.16 to list one product for four months (maximum time for a listing). The website is constantly updating and improving its features and services to provide the best possible experience for its users.

6. Global Sources:

Global Sources is a popular b2b marketplace UK that can connect businesses withb2b suppliers uk. If you're a business looking to sell your products in the UK, Global Sources can help you find the right buyers. The website provides a user-friendly interface allowing businesses to easily upload their product information and connect with potential buyers. This can be an excellent way for businesses to increase their sales and reach a wider audience.

One of the best things about Global Sources is that it's a trusted platform. The website has been around for over 50 years and has a team of experts who verify the quality and reliability of suppliers. This gives buyers the confidence to do business with suppliers they find on the platform.

7. Tundra.Com:

A special b2b platform in the UK for small businesses. Tundra is an amazing online e-commerce store that precisely targets small business owners. Arnold and Katie founded it as a free platform to list and sell your items to other businesses. The aim was to build a site that could house millions of products without markups or commissions.

What makes Tundra one of the unique b2b marketplaces uk is the products displayed on the website are ready to ship within 2 to 5 days, meaning earlier product delivery. It has more than 30K verified suppliers, making it a buyer go-to platform.

8. Ankorstore:

Ankorstore is a special European marketplace that has reached 33 countries in just 2 years. The company operates with different operational offices in France, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom, thus, it is one of the top 10 b2b websites in Europe. The most prominent thing about Ankorstore is that it operates on a different model. It partners with 300,000 plus retailers and concept stores across the EU region. As a result, it can offer brands and products that other b2b giants miss out on.

The company witnessed a turning point during the Covid-19 season when most small-scale businesses were forced to close their doors. Another amazing thing about this store is that buyers can easily place group orders, i.e., one from different brands.

9. Esources.Co:

Esources is also a well-established b2b websites UK. It has been connecting b2b suppliers UK with suppliers and buyers since 2005 and has grown into the largest online directory of verified wholesale suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers in the UK. Their unique point is to provide authentic information about the suppliers instead of providing them with a platform to sell.

Free users can only get so much information from the website, but premium members get access to the entire database of English suppliers and manufacturers. Moreover, to include only authentic businesses, Esources carried out a series of checks once a company applied for inclusion.

10. Approved Business:

Approved businesses were started around 15 years ago to provide genuine information to buyers. It is one of the well-known b2b marketplaces UK to get authentic information about businesses that operate in the United Kingdom. It is an online platform that connects businesses with reliable suppliers. The website is designed to help businesses find the right solutions for their needs, saving them time and money.

With a vast directory of pre-approved businesses, it is the best place to find companies for everything from office equipment to marketing services. Additionally, Approved Businesses offers a rating and review system that gives valuable feedback on the quality of products and services provided by that particular business.


The b2b marketplace UK is the market that suppliers love. Aside from being diverse, it provides endless opportunities for businesses. To expand and reach this market, businesses don’t have to spend a hefty amount or create a separate division. With the above-mentioned 10 best b2b websites, they can achieve the same or even better results at a fraction of the cost. In this article, I have listed the best B2B websites that will deliver the desired results.

Let me know what you think about it and if you know of other websites that must be added to this list.

Feb 24,2023

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