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Top 10 B2B Websites of UAE

In the past few years, B2B websites have taken over traditional sourcing methods. UAE is adapting to this trend, and many platforms in UAE have emerged. The annual revenue growth of B2B E-Commerce sites is forecasted to be 8.6%, even higher than most European countries. Therefore, businesses operating in the UAE must get their presence on B2B platforms in UAE as soon as possible, or there is a high chance that they may be left behind.

Top b2b websites of UAE

Top B2B Websites in UAE

Due to the extraordinary growth and potential, several new UAE B2B marketplaces were launched. Each of these has unique facilities to help businesses capture more opportunities. B2B portal in UAE is responsible for

Here, we will go through the top 10 UAE B2B platforms you can use to improve your buying and selling procedure.

Rank B2B Website Description Target Market Rating
1 Offers a large list of verified buyers and sellers International 8
2 Dubai Exporters Focuses on facilitating exports from UAE UAE exporters & African importers 7
3 Fyind Helps businesses find the right products and services Buyers looking for best-priced deals 7.5
4 Well-known E-commerce website with a B2B section Diverse 8.5
5 Worldwide Brands Promotes dropshipping business model Home-based or part-time businesses 6.5
6 Tradeling Focuses on giving businesses a better purchase-to-payment experience Businesses in MENA region 7
7 Safqat Specializes in the food and beverage industry Food and beverage businesses 8
8 HiDubai Helps businesses build a profitable online presence Businesses looking for new leads 7
9 Abraa Features a directory of global suppliers Ideal to sell in MENA Reigon 8
10 Biznex Focuses on local trading within UAE Businesses operating within UAE 7.5

If you are searching for trusted suppliers, is the best b2b marketplace in UAE you should consider checking out. It has been around for quite a while and has earned a strong reputation within this industry.

Among all sites, is considered one of the best B2B marketplaces UAE has. The main driver of its popularity in this region is its authentic list of buyers and suppliers. No matter your specific business needs, you can always rely on this platform to find perfect B2B suppliers in UAE in almost no time. is commonly used in UAE by different-sized organizations. It includes several multi-multinational companies from different industries. If you go through its reviews, you will find that most of them gave it a positive response. Therefore, it is also growing rapidly and is worth joining to make trading faster, safer, and more straightforward.


  • Gives exposure to the international market

  • Good market share in UAE

  • Perfect for SMEs


  • Available only in English and Chinese

Dubai Exporters

Dubai Exporters is one of the top b2b platforms in UAE that was launched in 2004. Its sole purpose is to facilitate UAE-based exporters and manufacturers to export their products and services worldwide. In a short period, it gained quite a significant market share among all B2B platforms in the UAE.

In the past few years, most African countries have started relying on the Middle East to import consumer goods. Therefore, a significant chunk of buyers on Dubai Exporters comes from African countries. If you also sell goods in high demand within the African region, this is a marketplace you must try.

They also arrange several Trade Fairs within the UAE to help businesses build strong connections with each other. Many of the top multi-national companies also participate in their Trade shows. If you are in the growth phase and looking to build your connections, their events can be a gold mine for you.

You must subscribe to their membership plan to avail of all their perks, such as invitations to trade shows, better reach, and newsletters. Multiple packages vary in prices and services you get.


  • Gives access to UAE and African countries

  • Trade fair opportunities

  • Has multiple sales channels


  • Need to subscribe to their membership plan to enjoy all perks


Fyind is one of the most popular UAE B2B marketplaces. It helps businesses find the right products and services for their needs effectively. Daily, numerous SMEs and large-sized corporations visit it in search of good deals. A significant chunk of purchase managers here look for best-priced deals. Fyind can be one of the best uae B2B websites if you are also a frequent buyer and always looking for discount deals.

Fyind is a buyer-oriented website that focuses on helping purchase managers save their money and time. Almost all of the products listed on their site have detailed descriptions and specifications to ensure you always source the right items. They have also invested in their search engine process to feature only relevant products or services for your searched query.

You only need to sign up on their website for complete customer support to list your products and set up an optimized profile. They also have a fantastic Buyer Assistance Program to simplify online trading for all businesses. Fyind also has a Keyword Analyzer tool to get concrete data for what buyers are searching for.


  • Buyer Assistance Program

  • Access to market research tools

  • Detailed product information


  • Limited seller focus

Amazon Ae

Amazon is a special b2b marketplace in UAE to tackle the UAE market. It was launched in 2019 and is a popular E-commerce website there too. In the past few years, they have acquired a major chunk of the entire market by featuring sellers from diverse products. You can search for anything from A to Z and get a list of authentic sellers.

Amazon also invested in its UAE operations. They also offer next-day delivery options at only a fraction of the premium cost. Due to its excellent brand awareness and acceptance within this industry, it has a massive network of suppliers and buyers. However, the entry point for new sellers is usually considered a bit expensive, especially if they are starting out from scratch.


  • Has one of the best customer services

  • Helped many businesses become brands

  • Diverse product range


  • Challenging entrance for new sellers

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands comes among the B2B marketplaces in UAE. In contrast to traditional E-Commerce sites, it focuses on promoting dropshipping business model. Therefore, most sellers on Worldwide Brands have low minimum order quantities to support home-based or part-time businesses.

Worldwide Brands' vision is to give home-based businesses access to the same directory that big retailers have. To make this possible, they collaborated with numerous companies with different products and offerings from all over the globe. They have been working on this goal since 1999 and have built directory of b2b suppliers in UAE. Many businesses and stores that use this Dubai B2B portal experience a fast and smooth sourcing experience. For that reason, it is highly recommended, especially to newer businesses.

In a world where finding authentic suppliers and manufacturers is getting more challenging, Worldwide Brands talks directly with their sellers to verify their authenticity. All the distributors listed on their website must meet specific criteria to be listed here. Therefore, you can always be confident when placing your order on Worldwide Brands.


  • Low MOQs

  • Verified suppliers

  • Encourages dropshipping


  • High competition among sellers


Businesses that operate within the MENA region quite frequently use Tradeling. It is also one of the best B2B UAE sites you can find, especially for procurement purposes. Most marketplaces only get buyers and sellers in direct contact and take no further responsibilities. However, Tradeling focuses on giving businesses a better purchase-to-payment experience. Therefore, they give a shipment tracking feature. It is a feature yet not available on most Dubai B2B marketplaces.

It has been operating within this industry since 2014. Despite being a much newer B2B portal in UAE, they have earned the trust of many businesses. Currently, they have over a million registered users, including 10,000 sellers. Here, you may also see a gap between the importer’s demand and the suppliers’ supply capabilities.

It allows third-party sellers to feature their products here and get a good exposure. Over the years, many small to medium-sized companies have used this marketplace to get good leads and never got disappointed because this Tradeling is growing at a fantastic pace, and there is always some room for new distributors to join and get bulk orders.


  • Enhanced Procurement Experience

  • Growing customer base

  • Room for new sellers to join


  • Limited to MENA region


If your business deals in the food and beverage industry and not on Safqat, you are missing out on a lot of growth potential. It was launched in 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs, and today it is one of the biggest B2B websites in the UAE, specifically in the food and beverage industry.

They give free customer support services to list your products and optimize them for better reach. It is like having virtual assistance without any cost. Thus, even if you are new to the virtual world, it can help you understand how this and other B2B marketplaces in the UAE operate. Usually, the B2B buying or selling cycle is quite long and complex, but Safqat is also working to simplify it and has been successful in most parts of it.

As one of the best UAE b2b websites, Safqat features multiple secure payment methods. It includes bank transfer, credit card, cash on delivery, and escrow services. They also launch flat discounts on different events to assist businesses in saving on their sourcing budget while maintaining a certain quality standard.


  • Strong Reputation

  • Features Secure payment method

  • Free customer support


  • Limited Market reach


You can consider HiDubai to be one of the best B2B marketplace UAE has for business discovery. When they launched, around half of the companies in Dubai did not have any digital identity. Therefore, HiDubai made it their mission to help businesses build a profitable presence online too.

Throughout their journey, they have featured more than 150,000 businesses that operate in around 200 different categories. It comprises legal firms, manufacturing units, service providers, logistic companies, and so on. In short, HiDubai is a one-stop solution to all the sourcing challenges you would ever face.

Just like other b2b websites in UAE, they also have a website and an app for both Android and IOS devices. You can set up your store on HiDubai and get excellent leads. This platform operates in B2B and B2C business models. It also shares market insights and some critical data with its sellers that can help you in the longer run.

When trading from HiDubai, you should know that this platform does not take any responsibility for any seller. Thus, you need to verify the other part on your own to make sure you do not get ripped off.


  • Has a comprehensive Business Listing

  • Share Data and Market Insights with sellers

  • One-stop marketplace for both B2B and B2C buying and selling


  • Does not verify sellers authenticity


This UAE b2b portal - Abraa is like a go-to source for buyers in the MENA region to import products from global suppliers. It features a massive directory of suppliers from almost every country that operate in different industries. Its old name was Master Outlet which was later changed to Abraa. If we talk about the roots of this B2B marketplace Dubai has its head office, and it has been functional since 2016.

They also provide secure payment and buyer protection services to ensure you can always place your order here with complete confidence. You can go through all of their services and details and it indeed includes a few that may help you smoothen your business operations.

Their top-selling product categories include lights, electronics, and textile goods. If your business also deals in any of these industries, Abraa is surely a must-join b2b uae website for you.

The factor that excites sellers here is the buying power of importers from this region. Most buyers on Abraa have great buying power and are willing to pay some premium for higher quality goods.


  • Features a global suppliers’ directory

  • Strong buyer base

  • Has a secure payment method


  • The competition level is quite high among sellers

Biznex Ae

As Biznex Ae website extension gives a hint, it is a dedicated Dubai B2B marketplace focusing on local trading. Their entire network of sellers and buyers consists of local companies that mainly operate within the UAE. Biznex Ae has got a diverse range of product categories, and all of the companies mentioned here are registered locally. You can feel free to browse through their collection and send requests for quotations to relevant suppliers with only a few clicks.

The idea of Biznex Ae is relatively straightforward. It focuses on getting relevant buyers and trusted suppliers in direct contact with as smooth a procedure as possible. For that reason, this marketplace focuses on only featuring reliable distributors instead of having a larger number of unverified exporters.

Third-party sellers can indeed join this website, but they would have to get themselves registered officially too. The procedure might seem a little more demanding than other sites, but all of this is worth investment due to the excellent return you can have here.


  • Features locally registered suppliers only

  • Best prices

  • Reliable distributors


  • Limited Geographical Scope


Most B2B companies in dubai, Sharjah, and other parts of the UAE have already adapted the Marketplace model for both selling and procurement. Therefore, any company that does not work on this model is likely to miss out on a lot of growth opportunities. Do your research and get yourself company on B2B UAE sites to ensure you keep yourself updated with the ongoing market trends.

Aug 14,2023

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