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Top 10 Canada B2B Marketplaces

Joining B2B marketplaces trend is on the rise. Canadian business's adaption rate to wholesale trading portals has increased by more than 30% compared to the pre-pandemic years. Businesses of all small to large sizes saw significant potential in the B2B marketplace Canada. Whether you are a procurement officer or supplier in search of buying leads, B2B wholesale Canada platforms can always help you grow your business.


Most Companies that use such sites with the right strategy experience an enhanced buying and selling experience. If you are not using such sites, you are missing out on a lot of potential.

List of B2B Companies in Canada: is a great b2b platform Canada for import/export business. It has good popularity among small to medium-sized businesses within Canada. It features a diverse range of manufacturers from across the globe. It allows easy entry even to new sellers. Therefore, even if you are in this industry and looking to expand your reach to a bigger market, this platform can help you.

Due to its user-friendly interface, it would only take a few minutes to set up your entire store here. If you are a wholesale golf product distributor or looking for industrial machinery buyers, you can go through their buying lead pages to approach the purchase manager directly.

On the other hand, if you are an importer, you can use their search bar to look for products you want, and the options you can have there will not disappoint you. They have credible sellers for almost every product. They also have a filter option to view sellers from a specific country, which can help you look for your local sellers too. Either approach your favorite distributors or post an RFQ, and you will get amazing deals that you may get nowhere else.


  • Easy entry for new sellers

  • Comprehensive list of trusted sellers

  • RFQ opportunities


  • Competition

Amazon Wholesale

Everyone knows about Amazon Wholesale. This marketplace is like a one-stop destination to findb2b sellers Canada. In the year 2022, around 1 million sellers joined Amazon in Canada and a majority of them that made good investments and implemented the right strategy got amazing returns. Throughout their journey, they have helped several businesses to grow and also made many brands. Nevertheless, they have several overhead costs that you need to calculate before setting up your prices. Also, a great chunk of the buyers here is price-conscious. Giving good prices here can also be a great differentiator here.

Even though Amazon has a massive market size, it is inclined toward being a buyer-oriented platform. A slight mistake from the seller can get their account banned forever. Due to its strict policies against scams and those that support buyers, Amazon is considered a great B2B free website in Canada for buyers. You can also create your account on it to get an idea of how it works and if it would be helpful for you or not.


  • Branding exposure for sellers

  • Large market size

  • Buyers can get low-price deals


  • Overhead costs

b2b marketplaces Canada

Yellow Pages Canada

Yellow Pages Canada is one of the first Canada B2B portals that businesses visit to look for suppliers. Their list consists of all small to large-sized companies from several industries. Its name and domain extension may have already given you an indication that it only features businesses that operate within Canada. Therefore, it can be a comprehensive solution for any procurement officer to expand their reach to all the suppliers and manufacturers within this region.

It does not complicate the business listing procedure. On one hand, it results in some spam and inaccurate data, but it is also an opportunity for business owners to post their products here and showcase them to relevant buyers. It has a user-friendly interface and a strong track record of helping multiple businesses meet sellers they can trust. For that reason, this portal is worth visiting and giving a try.


  • Simplified listing procedure

  • Have a strong network within Canada

  • Track record of trust


  • Competing business listings and spam


Etsy has a large selection of products for sale. Currently, there are over 50 million sellers on this portal from almost every country in the world. This exposure to the global market makes it a great option to look for hard-to-find and unique products. As most of the sellers on Etsy consist of new or small-sized sellers, most of them offer low MOQs and discount prices to attract customers. Thus, if you are also one who likes to save on budget while maintaining a high-quality standard, Etsy is for you. It also posts product reviews from buyers on the product page to help you make a more well-aware decision.

Etsy is a highly recommended marketplace to join for sellers especially if you are just starting out. It has a massive directory of active buyers which gives great reach to your products if optimized correctly. Other than that, the start-up cost on this portal is also relatively much lower than what you would expect from most of its competitors.


  • Low MOQs

  • Buyer Reviews

  • Global Market Exposure


  • Limited Traditional B2B Features

One Wholesale

One Wholesale was launched back in the year 2015. It gained popularity within a short time. It only operates within Canada. Therefore, all the products that you would find on this website as per Canada’s market needs and trends going on. You can also browse through their product catalog and you will find a wide range of goods for sale. They have built a strong reputation within this country by always supplying products within a minimum lead time and delivering exactly what they offer.

Currently, they offer more than 100,000 products from different industries. One Wholesale’s head office is located in Toronto, yet they offer shipping all over the country. If your location is within or near Toronto, you can expect to have the same-day delivery. However, in most cases, it takes 2-3 business days to ship it.

You can always get market-competitive deals here. Plus, One Wholesale also gives out great discounts during festivals like Christmas or new year to support all businesses.


  • Localized Market Focus

  • Diverse Product Range

  • Seasonal Discounts


  • Shipping Time Variability

Canadian Merchandiser

You should consider Canadian Merchandiser as a bridge between wholesalers and retailers. It is a great platform for finding Canada B2B suppliers from different industries. You can use their search bar to look for relevant sellers in this country, and surely the number of sellers and brands you will find here will never let you down. No matter what your specific sourcing requirements are, this platform has always got you covered with endless options to choose from.

The major chunk of buyers that visit Canadian Merchandisers are retail shop owners. Therefore, if you sell goods that retailers are looking for, this is a must-join portal for you. You can also get their Premium Membership to get a kickstart and great reach as a seller. The primary goal for this B2B platform in Canada is to help small to medium-sized businesses. Most distributors on this site have low MOQs. It is also one of the few portals that encourage the dropshipping model.


  • Diverse Industry Coverage

  • Retail-Focused

  • Encourages dropshipping


  • Niche Audience

B2B wholesale websites Canada

Citi Directory

Citi Directory is one of the oldest free B2B marketplaces in Canada that you can find online. As a first-mover advantage in this niche, they have a massive list of businesses listed. It has been operating for more than 20 years and connects thousands of buyers and sellers regularly. Most businesses that listed their products here with complete optimization experienced significant growth in their orders. It does not matter what specific industry you operate in or what products you sell. This marketplace has a market for almost everything from A to Z.

What makes Citi Directory stand out among all the B2B companies in Canada is the data and market insights it shares with sellers. They also offer digital marketing services to help you reach your audience and pitch them the right way. Canada’s numerous well-known brands also use this platform for cost-effective growth. The platform is free to join and only takes a few minutes to list your entire business here.


  • Shares Market Insights and Data

  • Cost-Effective Solution

  • Strong reputation and large visitor base


  • Uncertain Market Reach


Thomasnet is one of the most popular Canada B2B marketplaces, especially among the top companies. They have credible lists of factories in the world. It focuses on featuring many sellers and prioritizes promoting sellers with a rich history of working with well-known brands or businesses.

New sellers usually have a hard time looking for new orders, but a strong strategy can help. You can also subscribe to their membership plan to increase your reach here. Unlike most wholesale websites, most buyers on Thoamasnet have large-sized requirements and are willing to pay extra prices for better quality goods. In short, the growth potential on Thomasnet is simply great for sellers.

On the other hand, buyers explore a massive database of suppliers. To make this portal stand among all other sites, Thomasnet has always worked on featuring verified suppliers. Using their advanced filter options can also make your procurement journey simpler.


  • Credible Supplier Lists

  • Growth Potential

  • Verified Suppliers


  • Challenging for New Sellers

Apps Scenic

If you are planning to start a dropshipping business but have no idea where to start, Apps Scenic is the bestCanada b2b marketplace. It gives you access to over a million products to dropship at wholesale prices. Their product catalog consists of leading brands and verified suppliers to ensure the goods they offer are in high demand and can sell faster. They also launch new products almost every week to assist you in keeping your online store up to the market’s ongoing trends.

Apps Scenic also has an import and sync feature that can be a great tool for E-Commerce website users. It would allow you to show your site's real-time inventory and availability, along with built-in tracking numbers to track your order. Even right now, many businesses are using it and expanding their product range while maintaining zero inventory. To explore their product directory, you need to create an account first; after that, you get access to endless options.


  • Affordable prices

  • Lowest MOQs

  • Zero Inventory Requirement


  • Only for dropshippers

Canadian Choice Wholesalers

Canadian Choice Wholesalers has been in this industry since 1999. Currently, their product catalog comprises over 2,000 products from 200+ brands. You can share your sourcing needs with them and get multiple offers tailored to your specific requirements. It does not matter if you are under a tight budget or want to source a small quantity. Canadian Choice Wholesalers have always got you covered with endless options to buy from.

For newly launched businesses, they offer distribution and brand management services. It includes multiple operations such as logistics, listing procurement, promotion, packaging, etc. In short, it is a one-stop destination to post your products and outsource operations that seem to drain the time and energy you can invest elsewhere. However, all of these services are limited to Canada only. If you are into international trading, this might not be your option.


  • Personalized Sourcing

  • Distribution and Brand Management Services


  • Limited to Canada only

B2B Marketplaces for Canada


The number of B2B marketplaces in Canada is simply endless. At first glance, all of them might look similar, but each is unique. The market size, buyer behavior, competition among sellers, and other similar factors vary from platform to platform. Ideally, you should visit all these websites and use the one whose quality attributes align with your needs. Most sellers prefer to use multiple platforms to increase their selling opportunities exponentially. It can be a great strategy only if you know the dos and don'ts of that marketplace. On the other hand, buyers should always prioritize connecting with verified and experienced sellers. It might cost slightly more but is worth investing in as it might save you from many hassles in the future.

Aug 31,2023

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