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Top B2B Apps To Grow Your Business

There’s a luxury called technology that companies operating in today’s modernized world can use to execute their growth strategies successfully. Restricting your business from the utilization of advanced methods to attract buyers would not prove favorable in the long run as your competitors can easily leave you behind. Getting help from B2B platforms to grow your brand in the international markets indeed gives fruitful results. You can either choose to contact a B2B portal through its website or go for a more convenient option, i.e., a mobile application. The former contains a few limitations that you can overcome through an app that can be downloaded within seconds on any smartphone without any difficulty.

Being a decision-maker of a company, you have to travel a lot and attend meetings. Having a laptop nearby at all times to access the B2B portal’s website often turns out to be hectic. A mobile app solves the issue of not having to carry a computer around to track your progress on the platform. You can simply open the application on your phone and learn what’s new from anywhere in the world.

Notifications on a website are only received when you open it, but that’s not the case with smartphone applications. Using a B2B platform’s app means you get instant pop-ups with a ringtone alert. This makes it quite easy to check the responses to your quotations as a seller before a potential competitor. The instant messaging feature of mobile apps allows your business to stay in touch with the B2B portal you have opted to handle the dealings at all times.

Don’t you find it easier to use a touchscreen mobile where all options are portrayed in an organized manner? Choosing a function only remains a touch away. Even though websites can be altered as responsive to make them work better on the phone, they don’t offer the same experience as an app. It is safe to say that websites are not as user-friendly as a well-designed app with an efficient interface. The phone applications perform equally well whether you prefer to use android or IOS. Numerous reputable B2B firms have their apps ready for downloads, so let’s help you learn more about them. Equipping yourself with information proves valuable while finalizing the decision of which B2B company to choose.

Everyone knows that Alibaba is enlisted as one of the giants of the global B2B industry. It would not add up if the most popular platform out there didn’t have an app for its current and potential users. Alibaba has an increasingly accessible mobile application with multiple options to make things easier for companies that cannot afford to lose even a minute of their precious time. From the most popular sellers to the ones with incredibly reasonable deals, you can view everything in a knowledgeable yet compact style. They have allowed businesses to select a product, finalize orders, and even make payments accordingly through their exceptionally built application. Doesn’t it sound time-effective? There’s also a messenger section where all the communication takes place.

Here’s a leading B2B platform catering to a variety of sellers and buyers across the globe. Some have gone as far as calling a paradise for someone selling a product as well as those looking to make purchases. When you are hosting countless businesses on your portal and their survival is dependent on your performance, it is hard to avoid your responsibilities. has an amazing smartphone application that you can get, regardless of your location.

You can choose to sign-up as a buyer or seller based on your needs and type of company. Every industry’s category is provided separately on the app, and buyers can also request a quote by selecting the ‘Post RFQ’ option. You can check and reply to messages punctually to secure profitable deals through their app. To sum it up, the mobile application of has all the options perfectly laid out as conveniently as a business person could desire. You get to save time, get returns, and grow without any difficulty.


Finishing a discussion related to B2B portals without mentioning Made-In-China wouldn’t be right as it consists of many products, including industrial equipment, sporting items, etc. This one has numerous organizations providing and purchasing different kinds of goods. It is a globalized platform that many businesses cherish for helping them remain operational for a long time. As far as their app is concerned, it is a special one. With instant supervised communication between sellers and buyers, you also get to carry out necessary searches efficiently. An impressive feature of their mobile application is the possibility of an online meeting where all the parties involved can converse and see each other at the same time. Needless to say, the usability of the Made-In-China phone app is higher than most as you can work your way around effortlessly.

Final Words

To conclude, B2B platforms have already done wonders for a vast number of companies belonging to various sectors. The introduction of a mobile app has opened the ultimate gateway for sellers to capture as large of a market share as their high-quality products deserve. On the other hand, the buyers also find phone applications helpful as they don’t need to go through the hassle of operating a computer to get in touch with a distributor.

Mar 1,2021

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