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Top Online B2B Platforms to Buy Wholesale Pineapples

The changing dietary plans and growing popularity of organic fruits are the main factors in increasing the market size for bulk pineapples in specific regions. Most of its demand comes from developed countries such as the USA, China, and other countries.

The most common challenge most pineapple importers face while sourcing is the lack of transparency of methods on how they grow it. Furthermore, its prices are also quite volatile and keep changing quite frequently from season to season. This factor also makes it harder to maintain a certain amount of inventory in the long run.

Along with the growing demand, we are sharing a few B2B marketplaces that have helped many businesses to make their pineapple imports simpler and you should also consider them.

B2B websites to buy wholesale pineapples

Market Overview

If you take a look at the global numbers, demand for wholesale pineapples has been on a decline for quite a few years. It has been decreasing consistently at the rate of 0.3% since the year 2016. However, this is not the complete picture of its market. A few supply chain disruptions and other external factors also resulted in its downfall. Other than that, its market size also increased in many countries. For instance, Honduras had the biggest growth in pineapple demand which was around 14.5% in the previous year.

Currently, organic pineapples are in high demand due to its health benefits. Thus, most retailers prefer to go with organic options to fill their inventory that can sell faster and value to the customer’s experience. Pineapple is increasingly used in beverages and processed foods, such as juices, smoothies, and canned pineapple.

Farmers are also working on different techniques to develop new varieties to maximize their shelf life while making them more affordable.

Find Wholesale Pineapple Suppliers:

Following are a few B2B marketplaces that can help you find premium quality fresh pineapple for sale in bulk quantities. is one of the best marketplaces to buy wholesale pineapples. It is a US-based marketplace with a diverse network of fruit exporters across the globe. With exposure to the international market, you can find whatever type of pineapple you want. Sugarloaf, Queen, and all other types of it are available here on a single platform. A simple search here can help you find exactly what you need. Throughout our history, many companies have used this portal to have an enhanced procurement experience. You can also visit it and contact relevant distributors to experience the same.

You can browse their product catalog to search for high-quality pineapples and ask sellers for prices. Other than that, you can also post your requirements as an RFQ to receive numerous offers in a short period. As is a marketplace with multiple sellers, you can expect different MOQs, rates, and trading terms from the pineapple exporter. It would also help you find the right distributor whose supply capabilities align with your needs.

Another perk of using is that you would not have to rely on a single supplier and can maintain your inventory throughout the year despite the seasons going on effectively. For all these reasons, many businesses use to make their bulk purchase fast and simple.

LCD Fruit

LCD Fruit is a Vietnam-based company. They export fruits grown within Vietnam to buyers across the globe. Their mission is to provide safe and natural products grown within their country to promote better health and lives for everyone.

Wholesale pineapples are one of their top-selling agricultural product among all. Their pineapples come with a shelf life of up to 5 weeks, and the minimum order quantity may vary based on your location and other factors. In most cases, their MOQs are 20 tons for a 40 ft container order in most cases. Their regular packaging option is a 10 Kg carton box, but you can also ask them for a different one if you want, and they will simply add it to the cost.

Their variety of pineapples consists of cayenne, honey, and queen pineapples. Plus, each of these are available in grade 1,2, and 3. Their pineapple farms are located in Long An and Hau Giang Province and have a great supply capacity throughout the year. Their prices and other details keep changing depending on several factors. Therefore, you would have to share your needs first to receive a priced quotation. For payments, they only do CNF, CIF, and CIP.

Wigmore Trading

Businesses that are into fruit reselling businesses are always searching for high-quality fruits and that’s where Wigmore Trading comes in. It is a London-based business that works closely with different regions. Contacting Wigmore Trading gives access to fresh pineapples. They have dominated this industry for over 25 years and know what it takes to be the best. Thus, you can always be sure of the quality you would get from them.

Whether you want to source a small quantity or a large quantity, you can always rely on Wigmore Trading to buy the freshest fruits. This is due to the great flexibility they show on their trading terms. With them, you can always expect much lower per unit prices and they can get even lower if you place larger quantity orders. The variety of fresh pineapple on sale includes both organic and conventional pineapples. You can also expect complete transparency from Wigmore Trading to share their operations and procedures.

What makes Wigmore Trading unique is the pineapple wholesale price they offer. The bulk discounts they offer especially when they see a long-term trading potential are simply unmatchable. Thus, if you are a frequent pineapple buyer, you should consider visiting Wigmore Trading at least once to get an idea of what you can expect from them.

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MD2 Malaysia

MD2 Malaysia was launched back in the year 2004. During these decades, they worked with multiple clients from Singapore, Korea, Japan, and many more countries. MD2 Malaysia has also featured client testimonials on the website and for the most part, they are quite positive. Therefore, if you are also looking to import bulk pineapples from Malaysia, this should be one of the first platforms that you should visit.

They are the leading fresh pineapple exporter in Malaysia. The factor that makes them stand out among their competitors is the higher vitamin C and enhanced taste they offer. Their wholesale pineapples also come in golden shell colors that appeal to customers and make them fly off the shelves. For that reason, the major chunk of their buyers are stores or fruit retailers. If you are also operating within this market, you should consider contacting MD2 Malaysia to get an idea of what you can expect from them.

They also have the MyGAP (Malaysian Good Agriculture Practices) certificate. It is a proof of their environmentally friendly practices. They obtained this certification in 2015 and still following the same practices to grow export-quality pineapples that are healthy for consumption and in high demand.

Pineapple India

Pineapple India is a leading exporter and supplier of fresh pineapples. Over the years, they have made a strong reputation for supplying tasty and flavorful fruits all over the world. They have farms in Assam, Sikkim, Kerala, and a few more places to maintain good supply capabilities throughout the year. Therefore it does not matter what season or month is going on, you can always count on them to meet your procurement needs perfectly.

Currently, Pineapple India offers Queen and Kew pineapples in bulk quantities. The wholesale pineapples they supply come in 40 to 45-cm sizes excluding the crown or leaves at an approximate weight of around 1.2 to 1.4 Kg for each unit. For packaging, Pineapple India uses cartons or bags that align with international standards to maximize the shelf life of up to 24 days if stored at a certain temperature. All of their fruits are grown without chemical fertilizers yo produce them organically. They have a fixed MOQ of at least 1 container load. You can directly send them a message and their sales team will contact you shortly.


China has produced around 1.2 million tonnes of pineapples in the year 2021. Most businesses from the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong prefer to make their procurement through China. If you are also one of those who want to contact distributors from this region, Made-in-China can help you out. This marketplace mainly features small to medium-sized businesses and farms.

Every marketplace has some unique factors and the same goes for Made-in-China. It differentiates by promoting legitimate businesses that offer the market’s best prices. Whether you are low on budget or want to source a small quantity, this site can always help you find bulk pineapple wholesalers whose capabilities align with your needs perfectly. You can always expect to get the market’s lowest prices here for both canned and fresh pineapples.

The minimum order quantity is shown with every product on Made-in-China. However, they are not fixed and may vary based on factors like your location, order frequency, and more. It also allows you to have a chat with the pineapple distributors to get the best deals. Most suppliers are always open to show some flexibility on their trading terms. You can also use its filtration options to view distributors with specific supply capacities, terms, and prices.


If you are operating a business in Europe and looking for high-quality pineapples for sale, EuroPages is the right marketplace for you. European businesses use it more like a business directory to find credible exporters across the world. EuroPages has strict policies to only feature distributors that have a rich history of meeting their customer needs. Therefore, you can always rely on their list to meet the suppliers.

EuroPages always prioritizes the buyer’s procurement experience over anything else. Thus, they also give free consultation services. Firstly, they would understand your needs, and then give you supply chain and marketing tips accordingly. Over the years, they have assisted several businesses to make their fast and secure.

If you ever need assistance, you can contact their support staff to learn more about how it works for buyers and how you can make the most out of its features.

Logistics and Shipping Challenges

Wholesale pineapples are a perishable fruit. Therefore, you need to transport and store it the right way to prevent any spoiling. Managing its logistics is usually a bigger challenge for buyers who are importing from countries far away from them. Following are a few common struggles buyers face while maintaining their logistics:

Temperature Control

Pineapples are sensitive and can get spoiled if not shipped at the right temperature. It gets even more important when they are likely to be exposed to hot weather.

Time of the Year

Most pineapples are harvested during the summer months. Therefore, it is the best time to buy it. Sourcing it any other season could result in higher prices.

Freight Cost

Freight costs vary a lot based on the distance and taxes. It can get even higher if you are filling up the entire container. To help you save from high per-unit costs, you should consider buying large quantities or sharing the remaining space of the container with another buyer to minimize the additional costs.

Bottom Line:

Pineapples has a great market size. To buy pineapples in bulk quantities, you can visit online marketplaces to find great deals. While choosing the supplier, you need to consider several factors, such as their production method, certification, customer reviews, prices, and more. B2B E-Commerce sites can also help you collect multiple quotations quickly to compare them and get the best deal.

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