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Unveiling the Secrets to Successfully Secure A Sale for B2B Portals

The first thing that every sales rep working in the B2B trade industry needs to realize is that the art of selling to businesses is different than selling to consumers. These are manufacturers and suppliers who are always getting contacted by some marketing agency with promises to boost their annual revenues. Hence, what is distinctive about your pitch? As someone responsible for bringing in sales, meeting/exceeding goals, and negotiating, is there anything else you could be doing? You are expected to convince a business to sell its goods through your portal from a broader perspective.

How you keep a company interested throughout the presentation or call can vary. Doing homework on your prospective clients to learn as much information as you can find is necessary as it comes in handy eventually. There are a few secrets that a sales representative of a B2B firm must understand. Incorporating these is likely to play a significant role in securing a sale.

Let's begin the discussion;

Have A Fully Mapped Out Sales Procedure

What's important is to understand the challenges faced by sales representatives. Most of the potential clients within the B2B sector are experienced and educated individuals. They can easily predict your next move. Hence, having a clearly defined sales procedure with specific steps is essential. Things could go wrong if you simply pick up the phone, dial a number, and start conversing. You could lose your way during the pitch without even knowing it. Realize the significance of doing homework on the prospects, and lay out a plan to make them a part of your B2B company's prestigious clientele. How you are going to approach them, the points that should be discussed, and the closing remarks should be included in your strategy.

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Develop A Relevant Entry Point

The B2B platform's sales rep's approach sets everything in motion. Blatantly opening up a conversation could make you seem irrelevant. Similarly, coming on as too strong could also lead to the prospective customer thinking you are only interested in creating a sale instead of giving real value. Learn about the industry your potential client operates in and think about the challenges they could be facing. Talk about adding convenience to their business activities and help them meet their objectives and goals. Try to highlight points relevant to the conversation and the company specifically. These are corporate executives who cannot afford to waste their precious time, so sticking to the topic is what's going to keep them interested. Your opening remarks determine the outcome of the discussion. Make it an engaging one, and you are on your way to successfully finalizing the deal.

Providing Real Value

Your prospective client is keen to hear how you are going to make their business successful. Boring them with unnecessary details about your B2B platform would not help at all. You need to talk like an authoritative figure who knows exactly what the company needs. Make your prospect realize the value of the services you are providing. Give them a sort of insight into the possibilities that await their business in the future if they choose to become a part of your B2B firm. For instance, discuss how SEO can increase their annual income by boosting traffic on their online forums. Tell them how you are going to assist in attracting customers for their goods while giving the company a presence within the international markets. Be honest, give examples, and enable them to build a positive perspective inside their minds around your pitch.

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Do Not Look Desperate To Close The Sale

A B2B firm operates with the sole purpose of connecting buyers and sellers without any limitations of language, time-zone, and location. A company will only hire your portal if they believe you can help them expand and earn more. It is vital not to look desperate to close the sale. Instead, lean more toward making their plans a success. The companies you are contacting get these pitches on a daily basis. Don't try to outsmart them by using some over-the-top closing lines. Patience is the key; it is okay if you cannot close the sale the first time. If a prospective company is convinced, they are likely to ask for more time to ponder. Don't hesitate to give them a few days to consider their options. They would get back to you after a short while if your methods worked effectively. Otherwise, you can always call them back to ask if they are willing to go further.

Give Solutions To Their Problems

The entire conversation can be divided into two parts; the entry point and the continuing discussion afterward. In the beginning, you talk a bit about your offers and expertise that are relevant to their industry. Then, you discuss the challenges they are currently facing as well as the solutions that can make those issues go away. This is where your research skills are tested. How well you know about their problems and how they can be resolved is dependent on vigorous research. Nowadays, a company does not function according to the decision of one person. There are multiple key decision-makers within the corporation, and you need to convince them all by talking to only one individual. Why? Your pitch, estimations, and expertise will be assessed and analyzed by corporate executives, so leaving anything out could prove unfavorable.

Have Clearly Defined Plan For The Future

Imagine your strategies worked, and a prospective client has agreed to become a part of your B2B portal. What's next? Devise a plan for moving forward with the sale. This means you have to mutually decide a day and date to arrange the subsequent conference call or online meeting. Work something out prior to making the first contact with the potential client, whether they are finalized or not. A lot of times, sales reps immediately transfer the call to the following department in charge. However, this can ruin your efforts to secure that sale because the client would not be thrilled to talk to someone else right after finalizing a deal with you. In B2B platforms, the department that comes after sales is service delivery. Once the client pays and opts to avail your services, put them in contact with the international sales manager of your company.

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Are You Asking The Right Questions?

It is true that one can learn a lot about the challenges of a company and its needs. However, it would still be less as compared to what the company's executive can tell you. Hence, asking the right questions is crucial to satisfying the client. Here's what you need to ask them;

• Try to ask them the details surrounding a particular issue. It is time to start thinking like a psychologist and get to the inner complications of the matter. These include intricacies that are present but not apparent.

• There's no better way to understand a concept or a problem than by looking at real-life examples. Ask them to give an illustration of the challenge their company faces.

• Now that you are aware of the issue and its reasons learn about the effects. You need to know how does the problem affects their financial position. This is what makes your solution worthwhile.

Asking such compelling questions is aimed at making the prospects think more about your platform. They realize that if you are willing to hear about the challenges faced by their organization, then there must also be a solution birthing in your mind.

Final Words

The B2B trade sector is rising exponentially, which means every firm functioning within this industry faces greater competition than ever. There are numerous B2B platforms, such as, Alibaba, GlobalSources, ECVV, and much more. What determines one's dominance over others is the kind of tactics used by the sales reps. Implementing the ideas mentioned here are most likely to give optimal results.

Mar 29,2021

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