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Verified Tik Tok Profile: An Innovative Marketing Strategy For Today's Businesses

If the title seems a bit absurd to you, keep reading to learn about an out-of-the-box marketing strategy that can surely bring a lot of new business for you. Before we get into the details, how many of you are aware of Tik Tok? It is only the fastest-growing social media app where users post short, engaging videos for entertainment purposes. Tik Tok recently revealed that it has over a billion active global users. Imagine how many of those users are possibly a part of your company's target audience.

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The popularity of this video-sharing app is undeniably amazing. It has not been long since its launch, but the steady growth it has enjoyed is indeed commendable. A business practices various marketing strategies to attract buyers. From developing a website to uploading optimized content on it to deliver useful information to the target audience, everything is done as per a company's budget.

It goes without saying that putting out videos for promotional reasons is relatively better than compared to written content and images. Did you know that videos get 1200% more shares than texts and photos? Don't get me wrong here since each strategy is uniquely effective. I am only stating one's supremacy over another when it comes to marketing a brand, supporting my claim with statistics.

How Are Videos More Effective Than Written Content?

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It is vital to learn more before jumping toward implementing video marketing, believing you will start receiving new orders instantly. Video marketing may seem easier, but it is a challenging endeavor. However, marketers worldwide refer to it as the most helpful method of generating leads and boosting a company's conversion rate. Why? Let's look at the reasons;

People Pay More Attention To Videos

Here's an advice, put yourself in the prospective buyer's shoes. What forces you to stop and wonder while scrolling over a brand's website? Is it written text, catchy phrases, or a video? Research suggests that people are naturally attracted to videos than blogs full of repetitive words and long sentences. People are likely to view a video ad than reading articles in today's era where everyone demands efficiency.

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What you must realize is that videos actually keep the viewers' attention than just grabbing it. All of us like sharing video content if it is entertaining and informative. If you make videos that people can relate to, your business is golden. 90% of the information your brain receives is through visuals. A human mind comprehends visuals faster than writings. Why would someone read a 1000-word long article if a 30 seconds video can deliver an additional amount of satisfaction? The only necessity is that you do video marketing adequately. Otherwise, it can result in substantial losses.

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Videos Are Highly Memorable

Study shows that viewers retain more from videos than written content. It is pretty easy to understand that people remember video messages compared to a list of facts and figures provided in writing. Do you read books? It often happens in the middle of reading a page that we forget the implications of previous sentences, forcing us to go back to re-read. If a brand puts out engaging videos to promote its products, the viewers are likely to remember and recall them while shopping.

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Videos Contribute To Notable Boosts In Website Traffic

Videos lead to significant increments in organic traffic on websites. Video marketing proves increasingly beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization). A famous strategy marketers use is adding videos to the landing pages (the web page that opens up when a person clicks on its link given in email or other sites). Stats suggest that a company's conversion rate can rise by 80% if videos are embedded on web pages.

An inbound link, a critical aspect in SEO, is created whenever a person shares a brand's video. Any website with more inbound links enjoys higher authority, making it rank above others. As stated earlier, people hardly share blogs and articles. However, millions of videos are shared on social media on a daily basis.

8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic FreeCampaigns are assessed on the basis of the changes in the company's lead conversion rate. Every video you upload on a website or a third-party page to promote your business needs to answer buyers' questions while presenting the product in a compelling manner.

Why Should you Strive To Get A Tik Tok Verified Badge?

Do you know the importance of having a verified profile on social media apps? Here's why you should severely consider getting a Tik Tok verified badge;

· It boosts your profile's visibility, bringing in more views and likes. Such exposure proves valuable for the organic growth in the number of followers. This ultimately means that the followers belonging to a business's target audience are going to start purchasing its products without even considering others.

· A Tik Tok verified badge indicates that people can trust the profile to be officially approved by the brand. It enforces trustworthiness among the users.

· The Tik Tok verified badge gives a profile a lot of credibility. It improves the viewer's perception regarding your brand that proves advantageous in the short and long run.

How To Get Your Business Verified On Social Media | Blog | YoubiquityYour profile enjoys a prestigious position on Tik Tok if it is verified. The content reaches more people, contributing to making your brand more popular across the globe.

How To Get A Tik Tok Verified Badge?

Here's the thing, there is not a single path toward attaining that bluetick on Tik Tok. However, you can follow the following guidelines to improve your chances of getting it;

1. Plan Ahead & Don't Improvise: You cannot simply wing it this time. It is vital to have a sound content strategy that involves being aware of the trends, impact of your videos, viewers' preference, etc. Find out what type of content is doing well when it comes to your industry specifically. Research and analysis are a big part of planning instead of improvising. You can always introduce something new apart from following trends, but make sure to assess its competency beforehand.

2. Exhibit Growth: The thing with video marketing is that you can hit the jackpot if even a single clip goes viral. It is necessary to attain more watch time for your videos on Tik Tok than simply getting followers. If your account starts to see steady growth, you are likely to succeed in the pursuit of the Tik Tok verified badge. Experts also believe that having verified accounts on other social media platforms also puts you closer to your goal.

3. Be Consistent: This is the oldest rule in the book when it comes to growing on any social media app. Consistently uploading meaningful content is advisable. You should aim to post up to 3 clips on Tik Tok every day. However, avoid uploading senseless stuff only to meet the quantity criteria. Make sure that you post high-quality videos that prove helpful for the viewers.

4. Interaction Is the Key: Posting engaging videos is an important aspect of growing on Tik Tok. In addition to this, you need to respond to users' comments and make them a part of your videos through challenges. Interacting with other official accounts is also a good way of getting that bluetick on your business profile. Accounts with more activity in all aspects have better chances of becoming verified.

5. Follow The Rules: Don't let your rebellious side get the best of you, thinking it will spark a new trend. Play by the rules and regulations of Tik Tok to avoid getting flagged. Profiles found indulging in suspicious and prohibited activities often get banned by the app, which weakens the prospects of a verified badge.

Most importantly, your production needs to be up to par. This involves using the latest smartphones to shoot videos and having the best lighting. You can also use an external microphone to record a better quality of sound.

Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Verified Account On Tik Tok

Marketing your brand on an app like Tik Tok is an innovative strategy of reaching the target audience. As stated earlier, it has more than a billion active users worldwide, and the number continues to grow with each passing day. What's important is for you to realize the immense presence of your target audience among the pool of Tik Tok users. Whether you are selling apparel, cosmetics, self-care products, or any other item, a video marketing strategy for this particular app can bring a lot of new customers.

TikTok - Make Your Day

Many leading foreign trade B2B platforms, like TradeWheel and Alibaba, are also making it a part of their lead generation strategies to benefit the enlisted sellers. You can promote a modernized piece of equipment by showing its usage in a creative way on Tik Tok. You can hire a celebrity or a social media influencer to be a part of your videos. Once you recognize the potential of having a verified profile on Tik Tok, the possibilities of its utilization to turn your business into a globally recognized brand are endless.

Oct 18,2021

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