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6 Content Marketing Trends To Follow In 2022

Just like everything in the almost post-COVID-19 world, digital marketing is also changing. Marketers have switched their focus from sales to SEO and digital marketing. With more and more access to buyers' data and ever-evolving preferences along with better customer understanding, every time, there is something you can find to fine-tune your content marketing approach.

For marketers looking for the latest ongoing trends and what to follow after, we are here to share. Learn all the hit, continuous, and benefiting content marketing trends that have earned a compelling reputation. See how they are effective and how they can be applied to your current marketing strategy.

Tailored Content

With customers demanding more human interaction from brands, businesses are required to develop a more sophisticated communication manner. Something that can speak to the customers on a personal level. This is crucial because the expectations have changed, and buying decisions are more associated and relevant to customer understanding. The key is to know what your customer demands. Several successful websites like, Alibaba, etc., have one thing in common, tailored content.

With personalization, you can get an edge over your competitors. There are various studies to support this hypothesis. For instance, Demand Gen concluded that brands using personalized lead nurturing experienced a 20% increase in their sales. This has now taken the place of a trend given to the prolific power it holds within. Moreover, Forrester's reports also stipulate that almost 92% of marketers have recorded an increase through personalized marketing.

The most important thing for personalized content is data. The more info you can collect, the more powerful message you can create. You should also identify what information you might need, including priorities, objections, preferences, demographics, etc.

Brands Are Likely To Go Niche With Content

No matter what vertical you belong to, there has to be content saturation. Meaning there must be some competitors in the industry posting similar content. With time, it will only get harder and harder to achieve organic ranking for specific keywords. To tackle this problem, brands have found a new way to succeed, and the world is witnessing a rise in vertical platforms in the form of and World Auto Source.

In 2020 to overcome the competition, the companies need to write about why specifically the cosmetic industry should outsource app development instead of writing about the reasons for outsourcing app development. Brands will be more focused on employee activation. If your employee loves to write about technology, let them write about it. There must be some buyers out there with the same interests. It is the time to celebrate the miscellany of employees and the stories they have to tell!

Impact Of Voice Search

Voice Search is the most contemporary model of search and is expected to gain hype in the upcoming year. Even today, the screen-less search is practiced by millions every day, and given to its convenience, why not. They simply have to ask their online assistant a question and receive a precise answer without having to search. This method is accounting for almost 20% of searches happening today and is forecasted only to grow further.

The marketers are advised to write in a format that includes full-sentence questions. Using long-tail keywords can also be helpful. To reap the benefit of “near me” searches, try to optimize the style of the pages or posts you rank for.

Diversified Content To Attract New Customers

With a similar style of content, users are bound to get bored. This not how you will be attracting more customers in the next year. On the contrary, you are expected to put forward different styles of media, be it a video, a podcast, infographics, or a simple, captivating tagline.

If you learn the art of diversifying your content and the way you present it, then you will not be needed to put in quite as much effort to create a new one. Rather often, using content that has proven to benefit at one medium and altering it to fit in a new jacket, to be presented again in another media form, can be less problematic.

The reason why it works so well is that many users have a favored way of consuming media. Some might prefer video, others audio, or text. Now this means they are naturally classifying themselves into different groups. The vast majority will not notice that they have seen this media before somewhere. Even those who do won’t mind it, as you have infused it with new ideas and are presenting this information in a new way.

Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Lately, influencer marketing has bestowed some great results for various brands. This social proof is very critical for buyers. As consumers, pretty much rely on others opinion way more than all the other influencing factors. As a matter of fact, Nielsen found that about 92% of consumers trust any individual’s recommendation over the brand’s voice.

In 2020 the core of influencer marketing will remain the same. The difference would be visible in how brands will use it. Brands are actively shifting their interest from quantity over quality. However, it may have been an overall perception thinking to get as many recommendations as possible in the past. But now, it all must be about the eminence and the credibility of the influencer.

To procure a perfect influencer marketing strategy, you will need to regulate the criteria for the influencer to work with your company. After which, you will have to create a campaign that targets these influencers to attract their attention. Continue with the pattern and evolve the relationship with those who respond back. Be sure to track your data once you have an influencer on board in campaigns to certify whether the investment was worthwhile or not.

Creation Of Automated Content

Today with technology walking every field of industry, marketers are searching for new and more operative ways to create content beyond the efforts of writers. In the coming years, we expect to begin seeing marketers producing quality content with the use of robotic algorithms. As this technology keeps on improving and morphing into a more sophisticated shape, we see simple content pieces produced with automated algorithms for a vast range of industries. This technology is actively used in Journalism and even in as important departments as finance.

In 2022, marketers with keen eyes on evolving trends are expecting to put to practice new software to help in compiling and creating unique content with the relevant customer information. The most common example can be Twitter’s Project Lightning, where news stories were created through the videos, images, and posts people share.


Marketers are expected to take complete charge of customer experience in the coming year. The rise of efficient and sophisticated technology is enabling marketers to move forward at a rapid pace towards acquiring a new audience. But all of this cannot be done by relying on the old and conventional techniques. Marketers should and must learn and collect as much information as they can about the upsurging trends to formulate a policy that will work well amidst the competition.

Apr 11,2022

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