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How to Find Gemstone Buyers

Along with the increasing use of gemstones in jewelry, its customer base is also expanding exponentially. There are endless gemstone buyers in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Africa, and many more countries. You can find relevant buyers quickly if you have gemstones in trending designs or colors. All you need to do is reach out to a potential customer and here is a list of ways to do it.

Best Website to Sell Gemstones

These are the top 5 B2B websites that can help you to find gemstone buyers from all over the world:


2. The RealReal

3. Go4WorldBusiness

4. Sotheby’s

5. iValue Lab


You can not find a better marketplace than to find B2B buyers of gemstones in bulk quantity. They have a strong customer base from different parts of the world. Posting your gemstones here would give you direct reach to the global market. As a growing marketplace, it is not saturated and has room for new businesses like yours to join and earn good profits from here. All you need to do is add your products with all details to maximize your chances of getting seen by your potential customers.

They also allow rough gemstone buyers to post their requirements and you get access to them for free. Search for relevant buying leads and contact them with your best offers. They receive numerous new leads on regular basis, and almost everyone has a different quantity and specification requirement. Thus, the best approach would be to visit it daily to find gemstone importers.

What kind of customer support does Tradewheel offer?

Tradewheel’s customer support is available 24/7 at every trading stage. From setting up your products to selling, their support staff gives H2H services to smoothen your trading experience.

2. The RealReal

The RealReal is an e-commerce website that thousands of luxurious products buyers visit on daily basis. The major chunk of buyers here is based on people who are willing to pay higher for better quality goods. Therefore, if your gemstones are unique or precious, then you can even sell them at higher prices than the market.

Selling here is not like other traditional marketplaces. You only need to sign up and ship your goods to their location. After that, their team of professionals would analyze it and position it in a

way that it reaches your potential loose gemstone buyers. Rather than you searching for importers, The RealReal would look for them, sell them to them, and give you a good commission for it. Their commission model also varies from category to category, thus, you should take a look at it before shipping your goods there.

How The RealReal is different from other marketplaces?

Most online platforms try to keep their data and trends hidden from everyone, but The RealReal shares all their market insights and trending products with you. This way, you get to know what types of products are in high demand and would sell faster for better and quicker returns.

3. Go4WorldBusiness

There is no need to introduce Go4WorldBusiness for selling goods. It has a massive audience of buyers and sellers from the USA, Europe, and worldwide. As this is a well-known marketplace, you will also find several suppliers selling gemstones like yours. In that case, you should have a strategy to differentiate from them to stand out.

Go4WorldBusiness allows businesses to list their products and company here for free. But if you want to maximize your reach to potential customers, it is recommended to get their membership. It will help you rank higher for relevant search queries on the platform and give you a better chance of getting sales.

How to find buyers on Go4WorldBusiness?

Go to Go4WorldBusiness’s homepage and enter the products you want to sell in the search bar, then, click on the “Find Buyers” button. After that, this platform would show all the latest relevant buying leads. You can also use filters to find the importer precisely.

4. Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s specializes is one of the first choices for people to sell their luxury items, including gemstones, paintings, NFTs, and much more. Simply send your gemstone’s pictures with them and they will tell you if they are interested in buying it or not along with a price estimate. If you want, you can also schedule an appointment with luxury specialists here to discuss your gemstone.

They have a diverse network of buyers who look for precious gemstones. Therefore, it can be an ideal website if you are looking for rare gemstone buyers with good purchasing power.

What are the ways to sell gemstones at Sotheby's?

Sotheby’s offers 4 different ways to sell your precious gemstones, as listed below:

1 Auction

2 Private Sales

3 Buy Now

4 Retail Locations

The method they choose for you would depend on your piece and its demand in the current market.

5. iValue Lab

This platform is quite different from other websites listed here. Rather than listing your products and waiting for buyers, you can sell wholesale gemstone carvings to iValue Lab. You only need to contact them and fill out their Evaluation Form accurately. Within the next 24 hours, you will have an offer in your mail. If you like the price, great! If not, consider it a free valuation for your gems. They deal in both single-piece and large-quantity volumes.

You also do not need to worry about the shipping or insurance expense as they will be entirely paid by iValue Lab. Their entire process is insured and according to GIA standards. In contrast to B2B marketplaces, they buy jewelry at retail prices. Thus, you would be getting a better price for your goods. As per their customer reviews, almost all of the gemstone sellers got better rates than the local jewelers. You can also try comparing both to get a better idea of how much you can get here.

Can you trust iValue Lab?

iValue Lab has a rich history of over 20 years in this industry and has a strong reputation. Furthermore, as each and every step is insured, you do not need to worry about getting scammed here.


When selling luxury items like gemstones, their prices heavily vary based on whom you are selling to. Therefore, contacting wholesale gemstone carvings importers is always better to contact multiple wholesale gemstone carvings importers and get multiple offers. As you can list your gemstones and send pictures to get free buying leads, you should try as many to sell gemstones at the best prices.

Mar 27,2023

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