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Post COVID Sales Strategies For B2B Platforms

How Can B2B Platforms Adjust Their Sales Strategies For Continued Growth After The Pandemic?

Last year brought multiple waves of a deadly virus called COVID-19, adversely affecting every sector, including the B2B. While a lot of companies operating within different industries were forced to shut down, unemployment grew exponentially. However, digitization was able to not just save but secure the future of the B2B trade industry. As everything gradually goes back to normal, B2B firms need to assess their previous sales policies and change them accordingly. Both the buyers and sellers are returning to the portals to start conducting business and executing their expansion plans.

Firstly, the B2B sector has to realize that the world is now a very different place than it was before the year 2020 hit us. There will definitely be serious aftermath of the pandemic for b2b industry. People have different perspectives and equally varying motivators to carry out transactions. Orders for various goods are increasingly growing day by day. If a B2B platform is efficient enough to seize the opportunity to secure as many sales as possible, success is guaranteed.

Is it safe to say that if a well-known person does something, it becomes a trend that spreads across the globe like a forest fire? Renowned B2B portals such as Alibaba,, GlobalSources, Amazon, Made-In-China, and others need to start introducing adaptive sales strategies for everyone's improvement. By taking such measures, the globally acclaimed B2B firms can not only reinstitute their position in the industry but also send a positive message of healthy competition to others. It is time for every decision-maker to revisit the blueprints of their B2B Corporation and see what can be altered or added to attract more buyers.

A few key factors can prove beneficial in both the short and long-term triumphs of the B2B sector. Let's discuss each one in detail to explain and clarify everything thoroughly.

Review The Leads That Went Cold Earlier

To put it simply, a B2B portal needs to contact the sales leads that went cold a few months ago. It was not a good time, and many potential buyers were going through different crises. Who knows, their funds could have been exhausted in trying to cover the expenses without any income last year. Get in touch with those prospective clients and see if they are interested in placing any orders now. You will be amazed to see the fruitful results this act will bring.

A lot of you might be thinking that it is probably a bad idea and a waste of precious time to contact the leads that did not show a grain of interest. What you are not thinking about is the change almost every company has undergone. Many businesses have varying procurement procedures now as they continue to import the required items. Revisiting those leads is not about getting lucky. It relates to grabbing the chance to secure a buyer by meeting their unique demands before a competitor snatches that opportunity from your hands. It might seem irrelevant until you turn that dead lead into a sale and earn profits.

Start Exploring New Digital Forums To Reach More Customers

During the pandemic, the B2B industry utilized several social media websites to attract buyers. Since most of the decision makers are millennials, it is important to understand that millennials use digital forums to make decisions. While it is a method with favorable outcomes, its full potential remains untapped. Being a part of the management of a B2B company, you need to start brainstorming ideas for enhanced global reach. It is time to call upon the respective employees of different departments and ask them to contribute. A company needs to learn to function as a single body, where everyone's opinions and ideas are respected and implemented.

Moreover, ask the existing clientele for referrals, as there is no better way to market your brand than using the 'word of mouth' technique. Explore all possibilities like posting ads, indulging in customer retention, and email marketing. You can also promote your B2B platform on social media apps that others have not yet started utilizing. For instance, you can use popular social channels like Tik Tok to generate B2B sales. To sum it up, leave no stone unturned because one never knows when they might strike gold. Bringing in sales should be your main focus, but don't let that become a distraction from satisfying the clients you already have.

Incorporate A Consistent Sales Process

The first thing any reputable B2B platform should do is stop making assumptions. Have verified data with facts and figures to support all claims for promising results. Take a look at your sales process, and hash out unnecessary stages to make things convenient for customers. Needless to say, the B2B sector is more competitive nowadays than ever. Now is not the time to have your sales team go forward without any specifically devised plan. You need to work toward incorporating a sophisticated process to finalize as many negotiations as possible.

Clearly define each stage to avoid any confusion. The first one includes discovering the lead and finding the contact information. A phone call follows this, after which samples are exchanged to verify the quality of the goods. After holding online meetings with the stakeholders and decision-makers, the sale is finalized. The process may vary as B2B portals communicate with companies belonging to different industries. However, the outline will remain somewhat similar. Doing this saves a sufficient amount of time for all parties involved. The uncertainty is at an all-time high, so make strategies that adapt to such a dynamic environment.

Final Words

It is an undeniable fact that things can never go back to the way they were before. The B2B industry either needs to start thinking about overcoming the obstacles or be forgotten. Start implementing useful strategies to get more sales as there is no lack of potential customers out there. You need to be vigilant enough and look in the right places to find valuable leads.

Mar 4,2021


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