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Top 10 Necklaces Suppliers And Manufacturers In 2024

2024 is the year when the rapid change in technology has also greatly affected businesses, whether in the textiles or fashion industry. The jewelry market is dynamically changing due to evolving consumer preferences combined with technological advancements.

Trends In Jewelry Industry

Let's look at the current trends in the jewelry industry. People prefer customized jewelry items that reflect their personality and identity, whether necklaces, earrings, rings, or whatnot. That said, people are also now prioritizing eco-friendliness and sustainability and looking for products that are both fashionable and made of eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, machines have made the work and production process more efficient, which helps businesses fulfill their buyer's demands for high-quality products quickly, saving time, effort, and human labor. The modern generation is looking for minimalist and versatile jewelry items and necklaces that can be worn occasionally to show elegance and simplicity.

Market Size Of Jewelry

The jewelry market size is ever-growing. If we look at 2019 stats, we can see that the global jewelry market size at that time was valued at around 326 billion USD, which was expected to increase by 4% CAGR till 2030, around 438 billion USD. Getting deep into it, you will find that 88% of the jewelry market covers luxury jewelry, and the other 12% deals with buying luxury jewelry items.

Top 10 Renowned B2B Marketplaces For Finding Necklaces Suppliers And Manufacturers

Explore the list of suppliers and manufacturers for better sourcing high-quality jewelry, including necklaces. is the pioneer of online B2B trading platforms. One can never forget this platform when it comes to trading. The platform was launched in 1990, and since then, it has served hundreds of businesses by providing a platform where they can search for necklace suppliers and manufacturers globally, communicate with them online, and have hassle-free and time-saving business sourcing experience. This marketplace provides safe transaction methods and fast delivery options to the buyers so that you can deliver your products to your doorsteps without delay and run your business smoothly. Aside from that, the platform offers user-friendly features and tools that will help you navigate your desired products on the platform after dispatching them from the supplier's end for shipping. Every product is readily available here for buyers to source and satisfy customer requirements, from trendy and antique necklaces to customized ones. is the leading e-commerce buying and selling platform that bridges the gap between businesses and suppliers worldwide. Here, you can contact the manufacturers directly, learn about their products, and get their price quotations before making the final decision. Genuine exporters are always ready to cater to diverse business needs effectively and efficiently. is the hub of wholesale activities that aim to make trading easy, fast, and affordable for everyone. You can personalize copper chain necklaces from China, the USA, and other countries from where you want to import your products by simply conveying your product demands to the manufacturers using the RFQ form, and the interested distributors will shortly connect with you here if all your demands come under their business requirements. When it comes to maintaining high-quality products, rest assured that you will get high-quality products as suppliers here do not compromise on it, no matter how big or small the order is.

Amazon Business

Amazon will never leave to amaze us with its brilliant comeback by introducing a B2B trading platform for all business sizes. 5 million + trusted buyers prefer to choose Amazon Business for their product sourcing. You will find a wide range of products on one page of this platform. If you are looking to buy handmade turtle necklaces in unique and trendy designs, the manufacturers here have got you covered, as hundreds of registered suppliers here have been in this business for many years and have expertise in their business. They quickly understand your product requirements and provide the products you need for your business. The platform has verified suppliers and provides verified transactions and safe delivery options, so you do not have to worry about anything. Small business owners have an excellent opportunity to use this marketplace as this platform provides insights on how to start, run, and grow your business successfully.

Global Sources

Global Sources is one of the oldest B2B trading platforms, and you can access the list of hundreds of manufacturers on a single page of the website. With the user-friendly website interface, you can access the extensive product and supplier directories from anywhere worldwide. The platform offers multiple channels for business sourcing, including the app, magazines, trade shows, etc, which makes trading easier as from the vast sea of suppliers, buyers can connect with the most suitable ones through these multi-channel platforms. You can wholesale versatile lightning pearl multi-layer pendant necklaces here to expand your product categories and restock your product inventory at affordable prices. When it comes to the quality of the products, certified manufacturers here ensure the reliability and durability of their products. Additionally, you can contact the OEMs to resolve any product-related queries, be they packaging-related, shipping-related, or quantity-related.


Pepperi is another reputable B2B trading platform trusted by the most prominent global brands and retailers for successful business dealings with each other. 1000+ medium and enterprise businesses have prioritized this platform to purchase high-quality products for their business. The platform is running successfully across 65+ countries globally. $ 70 billion + transactions are being made through this channel annually. Their mobile app, equipped with all the latest tools, allows buyers to order from anywhere in the world. You can contact the manufacturers here, explore their product inventory, purchase whatever product you want, and negotiate the price. Whether you buy bulk stainless steel name-cutting necklaces to fulfill your customer’s exceptional requirements or need another wide range of high-quality daily wear necklaces, every product is easily accessible through this marketplace.


Faire is a one-stop shop wholesale marketplace where millions of independent brands can be found anywhere. From home decor to jewelry, every product available on the platform is of good quality and in the quantity you want for your business. The website provides flexible payment methods and pre-paid shipping labels if you wish to return the products to the suppliers for any reason. The platform empowers small and medium-sized businesses to visit and secure their desired products without any hassle anywhere in the world. Suppliers and manufacturers provide wholesale silver necklaces and pendants in bulk and high quality that satisfy your customers and force them to revisit you for high-quality product purchases. From delicate pendants to antique necklaces are present here so that you can buy them according to your business or customers' demands.

Global Trade Plaza

Are you looking for a comprehensive marketplace where you can get the factory prices for necklaces when buying in bulk? GlobalTradePlaza is a platform where you can be exposed to the global market. Here, one can close profitable business dealings with manufacturers and streamline supply chain operations to increase productivity. You can explore the extensive product directory of GlobalTradePlaza, get to know about the price offering of the products, and then make an informed final decision on which supplier you want to go with for your bulk product sourcing. Regarding product prices, many suppliers here offer products at wholesale rates so that you do not need to worry about budgeting. They provide products in various price ranges so that small- and medium-sized businesses can benefit from them.


Want to source traditional Indian jewelry, including necklaces, at wholesale prices? Do not forget to explore JewelEMarket, launched in 2020 to provide wholesale businesses access to high-quality necklaces and jewelry items with traditional and modern touches and to help them foster seamless business procurement processes across the jewelry supply chain. You can connect with the manufacturers and artisans on the platform to source machine-made hand handmade items at reasonable costs. Exporters are true to their words and provide what is promised to you in the decided time. With the platform's secure transaction options, you can place your trust here and get high-quality products to grow your business globally.


1moda is another reputable e-commerce platform where you can communicate with necklace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The platform enables buyers to connect with the ones they find comfortable in doing business trading and who can satisfy their product demands to the fullest. More than 50 wholesalers and 10,000 products are available on the platform. The website provides up-to-date product information so that you can have a reliable sourcing experience here. They claim to provide you with 100% safe trading and fast delivery of your products. You can negotiate product prices with manufacturers. You can also discuss the MOQQ options, as many manufacturers here are willing to fulfill low product quantity orders at low prices. So do not miss the opportunity to get high-end products at low prices and with low MOQ options. You may not find such deals in any other marketplace.


TradeB2B is a renowned trading platform where small and medium-sized businesses can wholesale pendant jewelry in bulk. This comprehensive trading platform provides a seamless trading experience to retailers by providing a wide range of product options in a single place and high quality. The website is easy to use, and you can locate your desired products anywhere worldwide. You can fill out the RFQ form on the website to quickly connect and get the best-discounted product rates from the manufacturers. The best thing is that you can share your product ideas with the manufacturers here, and they will try their best to turn your ideas into reality. The OEMs are always available on the platform to ensure the reliability and durability of the products. This hub of wholesale activities provides safe transactions and fast delivery options so that you can deliver your products on time.


If you are a buyer and want to restock your product inventory of necklaces or want to start a new business by selling necklaces, in both cases, you should explore B2B marketplaces as these e-commerce platforms provide you access to the global world of manufacturers and suppliers who can help you in bulk product sourcing. By connecting with reputable manufacturers on such platforms, you can get an idea of which types of necklaces are in trend, which products are demanded by the customers more of a specific culture, what their prices are in the market, and which one of the suppliers are selling high-quality products so that you can satisfy your customers needs by buying products in low prices and gaining double profit on reselling.

Jun 4,2024

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