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Top 5 B2B Websites Like Alibaba

Alibaba is the pioneer of online wholesale trade. Although the concept of business to business trade marketplaces traces back to many years before the emergence of Alibaba, yet no other website was as successful in capturing the market as Alibaba did.

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But are there any B2B websites alternative to Alibaba? Of course. Reading into the massive success and following the footsteps of Alibaba, many B2B websites have emerged, with China being the hub of online trade websites followed by the USA and Hong Kong.

According to The Economist, 25% of the world’s products are manufactured in China. As a result, naturally, Chinese manufacturers seek the help of wholesale trade websites to find foreign B2B buyers. But as they say, one shoe doesn’t fit all.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 B2B alternatives to Alibaba and give you a detailed look into how other B2B websites are adding value to the wholesale industry.

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Amazon- USA

The first one on our list is A USA-based online multinational technology company with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. In 2020 the net income of Amazon accounted for US$21.331 billion. Amazon was started as a platform to sell and purchase books, but today its scope includes electronics, food, machinery, video games, software, fashion accessories, apparel, furniture, toys, and whatnot. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce portals that you can use to buy or sell products quickly.

Amazon is known as one of the most influential companies in the world. Jeff Bezos started the company from his garage in 1994, and by 2015 it had surpassed Walmart. Amazon has a vast number of followers and millions of daily visitors. With Amazon, you can expect to get quick deliveries, and there is no threat of miscommunication!

Amazon Logo Design: How to Understand Amazon Logo Design Correctly?– USA is regarded as a goldmine for importers to find wholesale products and suppliers to find the right foreign buyers. The company works on the same model as Alibaba or Amazon to facilitate the wholesale trade community with cross-border trade operations.

It is probably one of the most famous websites in China for wholesale trade. Having more than 4 million international buyers, Tradewheel helps suppliers to find genuine business leads easily. The platform offers reasonable discounted prices. They also have a country-specific database of buyers that works great if you are looking to sell in a specific region.

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DHgate– China

For most people, DHgate is the store next door if you can’t find what you are looking for on The website was founded by Diane Wang (CEO).

DHgate aims to assist the cross-border e-commerce trade activities. Although the company is based in Beijing, it has operational offices in different parts of the world, including the US and UK. It claims to facilitate both consumers and resellers, but in my opinion, it has a particular emphasis on retailers. From fashion to electronics and sports equipment, you can expect to find a vast array of products here.

DHgate logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG1688- China

This is another online trade platform by Alibaba. 1688 is more like a wholesale directory of Chinese trade companies and suppliers. It works similar to the yellow pages that hold the records of companies operating in the USA and Europe.

One of the problems with this website is that it is in the native Chinese language. You will have to translate the website with the help of the Google translate feature to proceed. It is mostly focused on beauty, apparel, fashion, and other small accessories.

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All.Biz - China

All.Biz is the worldwide directory of goods and services. The company particularly focuses on promoting their national products across the world and especially targets foreign markets of Europe and the USA. It is a great platform to order wholesale products; you can find them here whether you need private label products or branded goods.

All.Biz is visited by more than 220 million people a year and has over 20 million goods and services listed. The website can be translated into 26 languages and has operational offices in 13 countries.

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Oct 22,2021

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