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Where to buy peanuts in bulk

Buying agricultural goods in bulk quantity has never been simple. You need to consider several factors to buy peanuts. The recent climate change has made it even trickier to source large quantities at affordable rates. Most wholesale peanut suppliers also struggle to find maintain their quality standards continuously. Despite all of this going on, you only need to find a reliable distributor to buy peanuts in bulk quantity which can meet your needs on the best terms.

How to buy peanuts in bulk quantity?

Here, I am sharing the attributes you should look for to ensure you deal with the best peanut exporter.

  1. Past Record: The seller's reliability is the first factor you should be looking for. Ideally, you should only contact peanut distributors with a history of maintaining their quality standards.

  2. Certification and Legal Regulations: Especially if you want to import wholesale peanuts, you must know all the certificates and legal regulations required in your country and ensure your seller has all of them.

  3. Price: Wholesale peanut prices can vary a lot based on your location or quantity demanded. Therefore, you should always ask multiple sellers for quotations and compare them to ensure you get the best deal.

  4. Transportation and Packaging: Settling on low-quality packaging may damage the peanuts during transportation. Therefore, you should never look to cut the transportation or packaging cost because it makes sure that you receive them in the best shape.

  5. Supply Capabilities: Even if you have a small quantity requirement right now, it is always wise to look for a supplier who can keep up with increasing demands as your business expands.

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As the world is connecting through the internet, the best approach would be to use online B2B portals to find credible peanut suppliers. I am also sharing a few top websites that can help you out.

1 Tradewheel

Tradewheel is an international bulk trading marketplace featuring a diverse list of peanut exporters from the USA, Europe, and many more countries. As they feature third-party sellers, they have a directory filled with sellers who deal on different terms. They promote peanut suppliers with a history of satisfying customer needs and maintaining their high-quality standards for several years. As it is a global platform, they always have sellers near you. Visit their product page, and you will get endless options.

Every buyer like you has different requirements and expectations. Most businesses also spend a lot of time. But your experience with Tradewheel would be different. They allow you to post all your bulk peanut sourcing requirements for free. After that, your requirements will reach out to relevant sellers and get multiple offers tailored to your requirements. Therefore, if you want a fast and safe trading experience, you can not go wrong with this website.

2 Weaver Nut Company

It is a specialized B2B website that only deals in products falling in the nuts category. Weaver Nuts has been operating in this industry since 1975 and have built a strong reputation. Thus, you can place bulk orders here with confidence. Despite their massive supply capabilities, they have kept their MOQ requirements bare minimum. It is to support all small and new businesses to get a better start. However, placing orders in larger volumes can result in lower per-unit costs.

Whether you are looking to buy weaver, roasted, salted, or any other kind of wholesale peanut, they deal in all of them. You only need to search for what you are looking for; they will never let you down.

3 Golden Peanut

It is a one-stop solution for all businesses like yours looking to buy peanuts in bulk quantity. They are based in the USA and have dominated this industry for over 3 decades. They are known for their commitment to food safety. They follow sustainable practices to ensure that the peanuts you receive are the best available. Their plants are also certified by British Retail Consortium and Global Food Safety Initiative. Thus, you never need to worry about the quality here.

Golden Penuts deal in a wide variety of peanuts and have made a complete chart mentioning the origin and grading of peanut variants available. They sell them in all states, such as in shell, red skin, blanched, splits, and more. In short, once you visit this massive network, you will always have multiple options.

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4 IndiaMart

India is one of the major peanut exporters. If you also want to connect with an Indian peanut distributor, IndiaMart is the perfect platform. They get you in direct contact with suppliers and also feature verified distributors. Browse through their product catalog, and you will find multiple distributors and their contact details to get in touch directly.

They have verified exporters who deal in salted, coated, whole, and other peanuts. Even though IndiaMart has a strong reputation in the global market, it is recommended to only deal with sellers who have a verified badge. Dealing with such sellers minimizes the risk of getting ripped off. Still, if you ever need assistance, contact their support staff to get complete H2H services.

5 Nut Stop

When it comes to by peanuts or any other wholesale nuts or dried fruits, Nut Stop is the first platform most businesses visit. As they deal in all bulk peanut varieties that consist of roasted, raw, chocolate-covered, non-GMO, and other types of peanuts, you would never need to switch to find a wider collection. They are known globally for their premium quality and best packaging standards. Therefore, even if you are shipping from an entirely opposite part of the world, you still do not need to worry about them getting damaged during shipment.

Contact them through their email or toll-free number, and they will give you customized quotations per your requirements. They also have a five-day return policy which allows you to get a full refund even if you are unsatisfied with the quality or change your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that most wholesale peanut buyers come up with, along with quick answers.

How to store peanuts in bulk quantity?

To store bulk raw peanuts, you should store them in airtight packaging and place them in a dry and cool place. In contrast, store your peanuts in the refrigerator if they are shelled. Their shelf life can also vary, but most of the peanut’s quality declines after the first six months.

Which is the best packaging when importing wholesale peanuts?

When buying bulk peanuts for industrial use, always go with a bulk bag to make it easier to transport and store. In contrast, if you are sourcing it for human consumption, you should prefer food-grade bags that are air-tight and moisture-proof to maintain their freshness.

Is it cheaper to buy bulk peanuts in person or online?

It entirely depends on with whom you are dealing. However, buying bulk peanuts online gives you an opportunity to connect with more peanut suppliers than contacting them in person. Plus, you can also track their past reviews. Therefore, most companies prefer to buy wholesale peanuts online to get cheaper rates and better quality.


Whenever you bulk peanuts, you must take several factors into consideration, and they may also vary from time to time. However, you should never compromise on quality and transportation. You should ask multiple sellers for quotations to get a good idea of the market and ensure you get the best deal available.

Jan 20,2023

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