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Where Can I Buy Dermal Filler Online At Wholesale Rates

In recent years, the demand for dermal fillers has been growing at an incredible pace. With the rising trend among customers, the number of its sellers has also increased.

Even though the market is filled with many sellers, finding an authenticdermal filler distributoris still challenging. You always need to verify the seller’s authenticity by checking their past customer reviews, market reputation, and relevant certificates.

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Find the Reliable Wholesale Dermal Fillers at Affordable Prices

The reliability of the wholesale dermal fillers supplier should be your priority while sourcing wrinkle fillers in bulk. To make it easier, we have made a list of verified companies you can rely on. Register today and buy dermal fillers wholesale with confidence. can help you buy dermal fillers online at wholesale rates. It is a well-reputed B2B marketplace with a rich history of helping businesses like yours to meet trusted sellers. They have a dedicated product category that features a variety of dermal USA fillers. Their list includes the most in-demand brands from the USA, Europe, Korea, and many more countries.

You can always rely on this platform to get amazingdermal filler wholesale deals despite your specific requirements or budget. Whether you are looking for fillers for lips, face, buttocks, or wrinkles, has reliable exporters for all of them. Simply use the search bar to look for relevant products and get amazed by the options available here. stands out among all B2B sites by featuring trusted manufacturers and also helping customers at every stage of sourcing, from discovery to delivery. If you also want to stock up on the best-quality goods and simply fly off the shelves, you can never go wrong with the sellers on


JD BIO Co was established in 2021 and is located in Seongnam, South Korea. Despite being a new name in this industry, they have a good reputation due to their massive investment towards their R&D. They offer a wide range ofwholesale dermal fillers, botulinum toxins, skin boosters, and much more. All of their goods undergo a strict quality testing procedure to ensure you only receive dermal fillers in the best conditions.

They produce all their skincare items, including dermal fillers, through collaboration with Seoyeon Cosmedi and EG Dong An. Therefore, their wrinkle fillers meet all international standards and are safe to use. In such a short period, they have worked with multiple companies in Europe, Russia, China, and several CIS countries. You can order dermal fillers wholesale here easily.

Hebei Kouxuan Technology Co., Ltd

When finding a dermal filler distributor with a strong track record, Hebei Kouxuan Technology is the company you should check out. They have been in this industry for over a decade and offer a wide range of Restylane, Neuramis, and many more in-demand goods.

Rather than manufacturing lip fillers themselves, they are a middleman and can help you buy buy dermal fillers wholesale. However, as they verify all the required documents to ensure you get genuine dermal fillers, they are recommended, especially for businesses new to bulk sourcing. Despite the type of wrinkle filling or correction you are looking for, they always have the best options for all of them. Thus, you can consider it to be a one-stop destination for all your requirements.

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Quiver Medic

Quiver Medic is a leading South Korean company selling dermal fillers. To differentiate itself from other sellers, Quiver Medic focuses on keeping its prices on the lower end. Mostly, companies with tight budgets that do not want to compromise on quality choose Quiver Medic.

They offer discount rates to attract customers and keep their primary focus on research and development in all of their medical and beauty devices. Therefore, they also keep launching new ones to keep up with the ongoing market trends and demands.

Quiver Medic sells both branded and their own products online. All of their lip fillers are Certified to be used. Thus, it can align with all regulatory sourcing requirements. Most of their sales come from the USA, Canada, and Europe.


SOWONBIO is a dermal filler manufacturer with large-scale production capacities and a focus on enhancing their good performance. They deal in various dermal fillers, injectables, botulinum toxins, skin boosters, and other skincare products. Most of their customers have positive feedback regarding their products. In short, it has all the green flags you should look for when buying bulk dermal fillers.

They only work on prepayments. Once you have sent the payment to their bank account, they will start packing your dermal fillers and deliver them to your desired location. If you want quicker delivery, you would only need to pay slightly extra, and you can get it.

Despite being a manufacturing unit, they also order dermal fillers wholesale from outside. Still, all of them go through the same quality testing procedure to ensure their quality consistently over a long period. Other than that, SOWONBIO also has a good repurchase ratio which is another sign of their customers being satisfied with the purchase.

Lions Force KFT

Lions Force KFT are not the actual dermal filler manufacturer; their role is much like that of a broker. They have all the leading brands and factories in contact who can offer good deals. Their entire product catalog consists of products that are certified and safe to be used. They can also help you buy dermal fillers with custom packaging and labeling.

As their business is based on collaborations, they can help you get exposure to the global market and explore several options. Each of their product comes directly from specialized sellers and after-sale services.

Bella Medi

Bella Medi is a business that operates in the skin care industry. Their top-selling goods are botox injections and dermal fillers. They are currently offering Bellast, Dermalax, and many more brand supplies. They can also provide the complete supply chain record and documentation to verify their purchase from the actual manufacturer and selling to you.

Their diverse collection of botox allows them to satisfy the needs of different businesses. As they are not the manufacturer, their MOQs are also lower and mostly negotiable compared to factories. Therefore, if you want to source a small quantity of botox, Bella Medi can be your best choice.


This company was established back in the year 2020, and shortly, Beautytian earned a strong reputation in the industry. Its name also gives a hint that it only deals in beauty products. Currently, they are selling botox injections in different sizes and specifications.

Their primary focus has always been to help buyers get the best-priced deals at minimum MOQs. If you also want to source a small quantity or have a low budget, this company can help you.


REEF ZONE AQUARIUM is a Canada-based B2B company that deals in various skincare products. They have dermal filler for eye deepening, wrinkles, OEM hyaluronic filler, and more. You should browse all of their products to get an idea of what you should expect from them.

They have also mentioned the MOQs and prices for their products, which may vary based on your location and order size. They ship all of their goods from Texas, and if you are also located near it, you can save on the transportation cost. Ideally, you should share your expectations with them to get a customized quotation accordingly.


Can you buy Dermal Fillers online?

In most countries, end consumers cannot buy dermal fillers online without a professional doctor’s prescription. However, businesses with proper licensing can place orders for it. In fact, most businesses prefer to source them through online B2B platforms to make their sourcing faster and safer.

What are the requirements to buy Dermal Fillers?

The requirements to source dermal fillers usually vary from country to country. In most cases, B2B buyers only need a business license, a medical professional, and an authorized supplier.

What factors should a company consider when sourcing bulk dermal fillers?

There can be several factors from which the top three are as follows:

Ingredients and Formula

Clinical Efficiency

Reputation of the manufacturer and supplier


While sourcing skincare goods or injections like dermal fillers, you can never compromise on the quality of the product or the seller’s reliability. Therefore, the best approach is always to connect with sellers who have a history of maintaining their quality standards for a long period. In most cases, their prices are likely to be higher than the new ones, yet it is worth paying. There are also many dermal filler suppliers who have massive supply capabilities and still offer discount offers. You can use B2B portals to find them and avail of discount deals without compromising on quality.

May 24,2023

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