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Where to Buy Glass Eels

Glass eels are one of the most popular types of fish used in cooking and are the most profitable farming in the world regarding fishes' farming. Glass eels are hard to catch, and farm and their unique taste makes them precious in the seafood world. It is mainly used by Japanese and Koreans as many cuisines in such countries are cooked using eels as the main element. Farming such eels is not an easy task as they require specific living conditions, catering to their proper feeding needs, monitoring and managing their environment to save them from parasites, and fulfilling their need for salt and freshwater to grow well at different stages. All these factors, along with many others, make eel farming challenging, and hence, it has elevated its demand in both local and international export markets.

Market Size Overview

The import and export of eels are profitable businesses. Young glass eels are considered more valuable than the adult eels. In 2023, its market size was around 43 million USD, expected to increase by 2.19% CAGR in 2028, making it a 48 million USD market in the coming years. If you want to start your glass eel buying and selling business, rest assured that it is the most demanded and profitable business in the seafood industry. If you know the proper method of farming eels and are equipped with all the right machinery to fulfill your needs for sustainable glass eel farming, do not hesitate to step into the business of buying eels in bulk, farming them, and then selling them to consumers at profitable prices.

Largest Consumer And Exporter of Glass Eels

Here are the top five largest consumers and exporters of glass eels globally.

  • When we talk about the largest consumer of glass eels and fish in general, Japan tops the chart. Around 8.5 million tons of seafood are consumed in Japan annually, accounting for 60-70% of eels consumption globally. It is one of the countries with the most demand for glass eels. Many farms in Japan solely focus on eel farming and export a wide range of eels outside the country, fulfilling local customers' needs. Japanese fish suppliers provide high-quality sea species; sourcing products from them will help your business grow.

  • In second place is China. It is another considerable consumer of seafood, especially eels, as dated back in history. The annual seafood consumption in this largest country is around 32 million tons. Around 70% of the eels are produced in China, which is one of the largest exporters of glass eels.

  • South Korea is another rapidly growing country developing its taste in eel consumption. The government is also trying to import eels and follow sustainable practices to breed different eels.

  • Europe is also one of the leading exporters and consumers of glass eels, but as eels are now an endangered species, their consumption has decreased in recent years.

  • Although eels are consumed less in the USA than in other countries and continents, the smoked eel market is still experiencing total growth.

Factors To Consider When Buying Glass Eels

Several important factors must be considered for the successful purchase of bulk eels, as this will benefit your business in the long run.

  1. Ensure the eels you want to farm are healthy and free from parasites and bacteria. Ensure that they are not damaged or injured in any way and that they do not have any bruises on their bodies.

  2. Regarding size and age, buy eels of the same size and age, as different age groups are catered to with various techniques and methods. Hence, it brings success to your business if you have the same age group or size of eels.

  3. Connect with Wholesale glass eel fish suppliers who are professionals in their work. Look for their track records, customer reviews, and the quality of the eels they provide.

  4. Ensure the suppliers you are connected with grow the eels using eco-friendly practices and follow all international and local laws to protect these eels from becoming endangered species.

  5. If you want to enter the eels' import and export business, ensure you know the government laws and regulations related to their trading. Many countries do not permit the trading of eels to save their endangered population.

  6. In countries where eel trading is permissible, ensure you have all the documents in place when trading for smooth buying and payment processing.

  7. Before wholesaling glass eel fish at low prices, explore the market thoroughly, get the prices from different suppliers to compare them, and save yourself from overpaying the costs. The prices of eels fluctuate depending on the season, demand, and many other factors.

  8. Aside from the product costs, consider the additional cost of shipping and transportation within your business budget.

  9. After placing your order, communicate all the shipping and packaging details with reliable suppliers. Ensure that the suppliers provide safe and trustworthy packaging and shipping methods, as the eels are delicate species and require careful handling when importing or exporting to other countries. Connecting with reputable suppliers will provide seamless and safe delivery of these water bodies within the committed time so you can run your business seamlessly without damage.

  10. If you want to run the retail business of selling eels, be prepared to take care of it as it requires clean water at a specific temperature with cleanliness and the appropriate amount of salt in water for their excellent growth.

  11. Meet their dietary requirements to the fullest for their healthy growth, and schedule their feeding time for their development.

Online And Offline Sources To Buy Glass Eels From

Are you looking to connect with fresh glass eel manufacturers to restock your business inventory? Worry no more, as we will explore some of the online and offline methods through which one can source high-quality eels hassle-free.

Online Directories (

Online trade directories are one of the most reliable methods of filling their product inventory with high-quality glass eels. is the fastest-growing online e-commerce platform through which you can connect with global suppliers and learn about different kinds of eels. It can also get a price quotation from them before making the final decision. You can wholesale glass eel fish from China, the USA, Japan, the UK, and other countries at affordable prices. When it comes to the high quality of these fish, exporters do not compromise on it. You will get what the wholesalers promise you here. Whether you are looking for alive eels for farming or frozen gutted glass eels in bulk from wholesale suppliers, every product is widely available here so that you do not have to wander to other places for your needs, as this one-stop shop is the ultimate solution for you.

Seafood Suppliers (Online And Offline)

In this world of digital media, you will find many online seafood suppliers for your business that have their websites. They are selling a wide range of eels at affordable prices globally.

If you want to buy products from your local suppliers, you will find many of them running physical shops selling eels. Buying eels in a physical setting will benefit you as you can inspect the products onsite, ensure their high quality, and seal the business deals immediately after satisfying the high quality of the eels.

Aquaculture Fishing Farms (Online And Offline)

Aquaculture fishing farms are another reliable source to purchase bulk eels at wholesale prices. These farms breed and grow enormous amounts of eels in a controlled and confined place where their needs are met for healthy growth. Aquaculture fishing farms can facilitate your needs for bulk eels, whether you are looking for fresh or saltwater eels. High quality is not compromised on such platforms, and the best thing is that these aquaculture fishing farms have expert care taken to provide businesses with reliable and safe product packaging so that they can have their products delivered without any damage. The best thing is that fishing farms nowadays follow online and offline business models so that a vast audience can benefit from their business.

Trade Shows (Online And Offline)

Technological innovation has made trading easy through online directories and trade shows. Earlier trade shows were held offline, where businesses could experience quality product sourcing. Still, with the innovation now, these trade shows are also held in a virtual setting. Now, you can attend industry-specific trade shows online, build connections with frozen glass eel suppliers and manufacturers globally, and quickly source your desired products from anywhere. However, offline trade shows are more beneficial as you can inspect the products clearly and ask for the product samples, be it life or seafood eels, before making an informed final decision.

Final Thoughts

Eels are one of the most consumed fish in the world. Japan is one of the biggest consumers of eel fish, and China is one of the biggest producers of glass eels, which are preferred among the people as these baby eels have more taste and are beneficial. Eels are becoming an endangered species, so imports and exports are restricted in many countries. If you want to buy and sell eels, you should know that it is a profitable business but, at the same time, a precarious one as it requires a lot of care, plenty of water, maintenance, and a specific habitat environment for them to grow. If you know how to take care of these delicate creatures, do not hesitate to start this business, as it can bring you a lot of profit because of its high demand in Asian countries. is a reliable online platform where you can connect with glass eel sellers globally. Aside from that, trade shows, aquaculture fishing farms, and seafood suppliers are other options for you to secure live glass eels and eels as seafood.

Jul 8,2024

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