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How to Sell Glass Eels Globally?

Glass Eels are water bodies that look transparent underwater due to their larval stage. It is one of the rarest species in the world. Globally this water species is consumed all over the world, making it one of the most profitable businesses. For market expansion, companies often go through various stages of finding a buyer who is genuine and trustworthy. They go far and beyond to find someone who wants to generate business terms with them for longer. Traditional ways of connecting with a wholesale glass eel buyer and importer are hectic tasks that consume a lot of time and have limited chances. The most accessible way to find authentic buyer leads quickly and efficiently is to switch to b2b websites where all the buyers from different parts of the world have gathered under one location, looking for suppliers selling eels at reasonable prices. This blog is a complete guideline if you want to find answers about who buys glass eels in bulk.

Major Glass Eel Consumption In the World:

Buying and selling wholesale eels has a lot of scope for many reasons. The consumption of wholesale eel varies from region to region, which is very important to understand to get a grip on the demand analysis. As per statistics, the market stands at a high number of 4302.38 million American dollars, predicted to grow and reach up to 4898.89 million dollars in 2032, with a compound growth rate of 2.19% during the estimated years. High industrial statistics indicate the vast market size, its impact, and the motivation for the growth of your business over the years. To answer your where can I sell glass eels questions, we bifurcated according to the countries that consume the most eels in the world, so that you can easily get an idea of the buyers' majority in that region.


People in Japan consume eels on a regular basis. They eat sushi, commonly and famously named Sushi Unagi, made with eel. The country has the most demand as common people eat it in several ways. Their basic eel import is from the USA region.


After Japan, China has the most demand for wholesale eel. It is considered a staple food eaten with rice. China is one of the most significant eel farmers in the world, harvesting, growing, and consuming eels in large quantities.

United States Of America:

People from different cultures and regions. Even though it is not consumed on a large scale, regional Asian stores have a large amount of wholesale eel, which indicates a higher demand. Usually, eel prices and demands fluctuate according to the seasons and occasionally change in preference over other fishes.


Spanish people are festival lovers who look forward to celebrating their holidays with variety. Eel is highly popular among common people in Spain and is considered a delicacy at festivals.

South Korea:

South Koreans harvest and consume eel and add it to their stews regularly. Like people in other Asian regions, they love eel and eat it with a very fond heart.


People in France love to eat eel cooked in their special and delicate ways, but the government has several rules and ordinances on consumption and eel harvesting to protect eel life.

Unveil Top B2b Websites Where You Can Sell Glass Eels:

There are millions of websites available which can act as wholesale eel buyers directory and provide you the leads as per your requirement. Following are some of the best b2b marketplaces where you will receive a global exposure to your business that will help you to boost your sales and increase your business profitability across the globe. is a world renowned wholesale trading platform which has provided a ground base to start up businesses to expand and sell their products without any worries of getting in touch with buyers. The website records millions of user visits daily from those looking for suppliers who can provide good quality products at affordable prices. The website is trusted and has gained a lot of popularity soon after it originated in a small setup by Jack Ma and his team. When it comes to finding wholesale eel buyers, this website can become your ultimate source of listing your products with attractive offers, as you can independently set the price of your products and services without any intervention. The website is getting bigger and bigger daily, and more business buyers are making their way toward wholesale eel inventory sourcing. It is a global b2b marketplace accessible to almost every country, providing a broad scope of market reach expansion.

If you are a seasoned business, you must be aware of the name, which originated in the USA not very long ago but has been able to become one of the most preferable wholesale business platforms. Even in the presence of wholesale market saturation, this website will provide easy sourcing ways to help you make connections without delay. As a supplier, all you need to do is create an account and get a chance to increase your business exposure by availing yourself of the opportunity of listing your products as you want and writing attractive offers and descriptions so that the buyer comes, visits, and selects you for the final orders. Moreover, has also introduced a subscription program where suppliers can get a membership to get digital marketing services from an expert team to help you build a more prominent digital presence to maintain your company's credibility and integrity.


Another global b2b website is Exporter.SG has begun its functions after analyzing the rapid transformation of wholesale procurement, which has shifted from traditional to advanced ways very quickly. The website owners had a vision to reduce transaction and marketing costs that were occurring in old practices of trade. The website can help you build a broad network where you can find buyers for your wholesale eel business easily. They believe in working with synergy and creating trade networks that represent a group of similar interests, which gives the seller an idea about the trends, buyer's behavior, and overall chances of gaining experience. Being a member of a trade network allows you to exchange ideas, creating more space for improvement. Similarly, they work with several rules that develop the seller's trust in the platform and encourage them to place their products without pressure.


Tradeboss has also made it to the list of growing international networks with more than 6 million suppliers and 1 million product listings. It means that every day, millions of buyers visit the website to find genuine wholesale eel sellers who can pay them good value for their money. The website is increasing and maintains a wholesale business network in more than 50+ countries. Working and moving forward to make business connections easy so you don't have to worry about problems and additional hindrances in finding eel buyers. The website ensures that you never let go of your personal information and always maintain your confidentiality while maintaining the 24/7 availability of a customer service team, which will be a step-by-step guide in case of any problem.

Global Sources:

Global Sources is one of the oldest players in the wholesale trading industry, and its trading methods have evolved as technology changes. The website is a multi-channel platform where you will find more than sufficient information regarding buyers and importers for your eel business. The platform has been designed with an interactive user interface, which is very easy to navigate. You can place your products and wait for multiple buyers looking for wholesale glass eels for sale or visit the buyers' page to get the knowledge regarding what people are looking for and provide them with the desired products to fulfill their demand and make your permanent client.


Established in 1997 in South Korea, this wholesale trading website supports small and medium-sized businesses across the globe to find their pace and help them connect with wholesale buyers. You will be provided with unending support from the website if you genuinely want to increase your sales with reputed buyers looking for suppliers who can fulfill their demand for wholesale eel at reasonable prices. Here, you can register your business and, like other platforms, receive additional services such as social media management, website integration and management, etc.

Suggestive Tips and Considerations Before Stepping Into The Wholesale Eel Selling Business:

To keep up with the rising wholesale eel demand in the world, there are several tips and tricks that could help maintain business management intact during peak seasons:

  • After analyzing the market and industrial scope, we concluded that the wholesale eel-selling business is rewarding. However, the correct analysis of demand and supply would be helpful in the long run. Regions like Asia have more demand, so proper planning would be beneficial.

  • Storage and logistics complexities are part of every business, but to overcome these obstacles when it comes to wholesale eel selling, proper warehousing, and storage at suitable temperatures are crucial to maintaining high productivity.

  • Glass eels are nearly going extinct, which is why, in many countries, government policies are made to protect this rare aquatic life, which can be a hindrance.

  • The wholesale glass eel market can be affected by seasonal changes, tastes, policies, etc.


In conclusion we say that finding wholesale eel buyers would not be difficult as wholesale eel business can be done successfully and efficiently if proper business channels are preferred over the old ones. The success of wholesale B2B websites is that you can list your product from anywhere in the world and connect with different types of buyers without leaving your comfort zone. It gives you an idea of future trends, buyer's and competitors' analyses, and a chance to stay ahead.

Jul 5,2024

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